♥ #1 My week in snapshots, this week I’m showing you some pictures and I tell you about my week.
Something new, something fun, hope you like! ♥

#1 My week in snapshots

My week in snapshots

It all started with my Birthday on Sunday the 5th of March (note that down :p). My true guilty pleasure is our Dutch treat called: “Tompouce” (literally: Tom Cat). It’s a common pastry in the Netherlands and Belgium. It’s iconic for it’s flavour, size, form and colour. The icing is smooth and usually pink, the filling is a delicious yellow pastry cream and topped with some whipped cream. Also: it should be super crispy when you take a bite.  In short: my absolute favorite ever. 


1) I was invited by Rimmel London, to see their new collection and enjoy all the good stuff on their event (never mind that).
When I got out of the tram, there it was: my own private chauffeur, waiting in his Mini Cooper to drive me to the location.

2) There was a huge double-decker installed, where they explained everything about their new app (with which you can make a photo from a make-up look in a magazine. Once it’s scanned, the app will show you products similar to recreate the look). At the deck, you could do a little retouch of your make-up.


3) I’m a multitasker, so I did my nails when I was on the train. So when I arrived, my nails were already done. However, one nail broke. So I got that nail done.

4) A whole table with foods for lunch. Not just your ordinary lunch, no… you could make yourself a sushibowl! My oh my, I loved it. Especially the seaweed and fresh fish.

5) There was also a short fashionshow, where Wella showed us some hairstyles they created.


  1. Went to Rotterdam for some shopping in the Bijenkorf!
  2. Then, me and my friend went to a Latin/American restaurant to celebrate my Birthday. We ordered tacos, Chardonnay and sweet potatofries.
  3. J’adore Dior
  4. Selfie time, Chanel is staring at us
  5. The fries were delicious, the tacos were the most disappointing ever. Filling sucked and the tacos weren’t… crispy tacos. They were just little wraps basically, so that was a little bummer.


  1. And Friday I went to Amsterdam again, because Specsavers reaveled the Kylie Minogue collection! They’re really classy and elegant, and all in stores now (also online)
  2. This is a dish. Everything is eatable, and the black stuff are crushed olives. So funny how your brain can “fuck” with you, because when you see it.. it doesn’t look eatable at all.


And that, my ladies and gents…

Was my week in snapshots