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2015 Spring Beauty trends | Lady Goldapple

2015 I’d like to begin this article by saying that I can’t wait until Sunday… Why? I’m going to Ludovico Einaudi ! (You might have never heard of him before, bút I think you’ll definitely heard his soundtrack ‘Una Mattina’ once)  But today’s article isn’t about Ludovico, nor music.
It’s about the Beauty trends for Spring 2015.

Beauty Trends 2015

Although I don’t have a big budget for Make-up (I spend much more on clothes… silence) I love to get to know about the new make-up trends, so I figured that you’d probably do too.

What to do with my hair in 2015 ?

You don’t see a lot of short haircuts, mostly medium or long hair. The perfect curls disappear, the I-just-came-out-of-bed-hair is HOT. So little waves or brushed (perfect) curls if you want your hair “loose”, Tight and smooth ponytails or buns if you’d like your hair “up”.

Hair Trends 2015, Hair 2015, Lady Goldapple

What to do with my face?

This year 2015 it’s (again) all about natural face make-up and minimized shaping. Although (in my opinion), If you do it right, nobody has to see that you’ve shaped your face… or that you’re wearing foundation. But of course, that’s where it is all about. Because the models are wearing foundation too, you just don’t see it. So all you need to do is to make sure that you keep it as natural and light as possible.

Beauty Trends 2015, Beauty, Trends 2015, Lady Goldapple

What to do with my eyes?

They make the eyes really pop this season! Graphic eye-liner, colour in the corners of your eyes, colourful wings, bright eye shadows and metallic eye shadows. Your eyes can’t get crazy enough this Spring, so just experiment with different shades and products and find out what works for you. A thing that I did once was: putting lip liner on my eyes as an eye-liner. I wanted something bright on my eyes, but I didn’t have a bright eye-liner, so I choose for a colourful lip liner (got a lot of compliments, so it worked :-)) The Cara brows are still in,  you see a lot of accentuated brows on the catwalk, even with a line above them (one shade/two shades darker)

What to do with my Lips in 2015 ?

You’ll always see classic Red Lip, but this year you see a lot of Fruity lips, yum! I always put my lipstick on by dabbing it on my lips, also a thing the makeup artists do this year #trendsetter. The natural lip with a little bit of shimmer is also seen on the runway and looks good with every look.

Beauty Trends 2015, Beauty, Trends 2015, Lady Goldapple

Let me know if you’re going to try some of these trends yourself! Have a nice weekend X Charissa


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