and then I knew: I need to go on a holiday this Summer.
Travelling doesn’t have to be expensive, check out where and how… 5x budget holidays ♥

Hi lovelies,

Today I’m a sailor babe, wearing a sailor pet. We shot today’s pictures on a gorgeous day, when the sun was up and the temperature was just right. I felt the warmth of the sun, stroking my face, while hearing the relaxing sound of floating sailboats… and then I knew: I need to go on a holiday this Summer. Every year I wonder if I should and would, but actually I come to the same conclusion every year. But, although the memories are priceless, I like to spend as little as possible. So I’m giving you my tips on 5 destinations for a great holiday: 5x budget holidays!

5x budget holidays


Due to the country’s ongoing economic difficulties, the cost of holidaying in Greece is lower than it used to be. It’s very unfortunate for the people who live there, but fortunate when you want to visit the country. I absolutely love Greece, because the people are very kind, the weather is amazing, the food is delicious, the culture is great…

And while it’s still pretty pricey to stay on famous Greek islands like Santorini or Mykonos you can better pick a quieter Greek getaway like Paros or Skiathos. Than you can be sipping ice-cold Mythos for half the price. If you’re all about pool parties and super-cheap shots, then Ios is the island for you, famous for its all-night raves and young backpacker crowd.
Ultimate snack: Gyros Pita! You can get one for like… 2,50 euros. Eat it on the beach, buy a drink in the local supermarket et voíla.

5x budget holidays


I’M GOING TO BARCELONA THIS YEAR! I’ve been there a few years ago, and now I’m going with a friend. Can’t wait to go, the hotel we booked looks super lovely and we already made tons of plans.

It’s a city that’s ranked as one of the most popular cities, but it’s by far the most affordable. This is because you can eat at low-cost tapas restaurants and go for free attractions and affordable things to do. One of my favourite foods to order in Barcelona (or anywhere Spain actually) is Paella. This is typical Spanish dish, made with saffron and lots of fish (or chicken). Go for a typical Spanish-looking restaurant They’re not too pricey and most of the local Spanish-speaking people are likely eating there . That’s showing you, you’ve found the right place.

5x budget holidays

Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam or India

Gorgeous nature, temples, beautiful places and lots of cheap places to eat. Go for a spa or massage: everything is affordable here. Do some research to check out the places you really want to visit. It saves you a lot of time and maybe a little stress.

Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is a pocket of affordable travel in contrast to the rest of Western Europe, especially if you get away from the highways and take the back roads (where you can also avoid tolls). Visit lovely beaches, swimm in the ocean and drink a bottle of delicious port and eat a plate of the day with a glass of wine can be found for around €5 each. Nowhere else in the world, can its “California Highway 1 meets Tuscany” landscapes be enjoyed on such a budget, especially now that the dollar is strong against the euro.


5x budget holidays

Stay at the central Generator Hostel and you could pay just around €13 for your bed (!). Free things to do in the Irish capital. Include visiting the Chester Beatty Library, to check out its world-famous and dazzling expansive collection of rare books and manuscripts. There’s really plenty to explore. Do some budget shopping at the weekend Blackrock Market, Dublin’s oldest, and sip on a drink in the Pavilion Bar at the cricket pitch in Trinity College.

Hope I’ve inspirited you to go to one of these 5x Budget Holidays – tips. And if you have any tips on a budget vacation?
Please let me know in a comment below,
XO Charissa.

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Photography by Mems