7 must visits London

7 must visits in London

♥ London is an amazing city, but it’s huge and super crowded. Therefore today: 7 must visits London ♥

Hi lovely ladies and gents!
I’m back in the Netherlands and it’s fréézing cold here. Feeling like an ice cube, while looking like a fluffy teddy bear.
But that’s not what today’s article is about. It’s about 7 must visits London. Because as you know if you follow me on Instagram [ @Charissa_Goldapple ], I’ve been to London last weekend! In the article about Classy & Fabulous.
I told you about my bad London experiences when I was younger.. Well, this time it was AMAZING.

7 must visits in London

I can’t wait to go back, there are só many places I still want to visit… London is húge and very touristic at some places,
so it’s great to make yourself some sort of a guide and stick with it.
Here’s mine:

7 Must visits London

♥ Number 1: Monument Station. We discovered this place way too late, so try to visit this place if you can. You get out the metro at Monument Station. there you’ll find yourself surrounded with great stores where you can shop till you drop.
Got hungry? Lots of cool insta-worthy food places here! One of the 7 MUST visits London is:

Sky garden

Sky garden, Darwin Brasserie. You have to make a reservation online before (which is free), but it’s só worth it. Have breakfast at the Darwin Brasserie at Sky Garden (the building is called walkie-talkie building) and enjoy the breathtaking view.

To get there: take the central line (red) to Monument station, cross the street, then go left and then go right right into the street where you can see Marks and Spencers, also very lovely to visit.

♥ Number 2: Shoreditch and Brick Lane market. I haven’t had the time to visit this myself, but it was recommended by one of my friends. It’s full with creative markets and nice spots. On Sundays there’s a market in Brick Lance (a street in Shoreditch).

♥ Number 3: Piccadilly Circus. This is one of my favorite spots. So many amazing buildings and photogenic spots here. I loved walking around and just look. At a certain point we arrived in “China Town”. Near China town, there’s one of the cutest and coziest pubs ever, in which we had a lovely lunch. I’m talking about: The Imperial.

7 must visits in London

♥ Number 4: Covent Garden & Apple Garden here you’ll find

Chanel stores.

You’ll see Chanel stores, a very nice market, Ladurée… Especially with the holidays coming up, everything is só cozy and Christmassy. Lights everywhere, decorated stores and trees… It looks fantastic.

♥ Number 5: book a boat tour and London-eye-visit online. It’s much cheaper online and both worth visiting. When you get out of the metro, you’ll see the Big Ben right away!

7 must visits in London

Close to this area, you’ll have the Borough market. Here you can get delicious and cheapy streetfood. Other great markets: Spital fields Market and Portobello Road Market.

7 must visits in London
And go to Notting Hill for the beautifully colored houses.

♥ Number 6: Oxford street: for the one and only Harrods and other luxury shopping stores.
7 must visits in London
♥ Number 7: Stratford, here you can find Westfield: a mega shopping mall, where you can wander and shop around all day long.

(♥Number 8 when you go in during the holiday-season: Winter Wonderland. A very huge fair, Dutch funfairs like Slagharen etc. Are nothing compared to this fair. Very busy though, but fun to have been there once)


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    I’ve never been to London but I’ve always wanted to go! I especially love the idea booking a boat tour! It sounds so romantic!

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    Atsuna Matsui

    Thanks for this share on what places we should hit when in London! 🙂 My boyfriend and I have been really wanting to visit London in the near future so I’ll definitely look into these places you recommend.


  • Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this list of places to go in London with us! It’s always nice to have someone who has actually gone before to refer stuff 🙂

  • Avatar

    I am headed there in April so this is great ! Thank you so much for the super tips ! I’ll have to check these out !
    xx, gracie

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    Ankita Bardhan

    Wow, looks like you had an amazing time in London! Pictures are so wonderful, all of them. Ans Big Ben looks so majestic, it is on my list!

    Ankita Bardhan

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    I miss it there soooo much! Happy to hear you enjoyed your visit this time around 🙂 Happy holidays!

    xo, Jo

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    I lived in London and now I regret leaving. hahaha can someone take me back please? SUch a great review. simple but on point!


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    I want to go to Covent Garden soooo bad!! All those shops and the opera house!! So need to visit London now!!

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    Oh, I swear, I thought I’d done most of the things to do in London, but you listed so many I haven’t!! Thank you!! More to see!! I love London so much!
    xx Jenelle

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    Christine Kong

    Ahhh I went to London many years ago and these photos totally bring back memories. Love London and their adorable homes and streets and of course the accents. I’ve been to some of your must see places but definitely need to go back and explore them all. Thanks for these London sightseeing tips! Xoxo, Christine

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    Ik was vorige week voor het eerst in Londen en het was zo indrukwekkend. Het is inderdaad zo groot, dat een lijstje wel een must have is. Ik heb helaas veel van deze plekjes gemist, maar zeker leuk voor de volgende keer. x

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    Thomas Falkenstedt

    Sweetie, I’m so glad your experience this time was a good one as London is one of my favorite cities too! 🙂 I’ve checked off every box (except the cozy pub you mentioned) on my list, but always love to read about how other people experience something I appreciate. And yes, judging by your Instagram as well you had a wonderful trip! 🙂

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