7 tips for an easy first date …
With these tips your first date will be super fun… ♥

7 tips for an easy first date.

First dates are always exciting. They should be fun, but it’s totally normal to be a bit nervous.
I used some dating apps, but only seemed to “meet” and “come across” guys who smoke, are totally into football (I’m not at all :p), or guys who aren’t serious and only want 1 thing. This Summer, I also dated some guys I just met in real life. How I met them are some great stories too, maybe another time. You know me a bit. I’m a romantic person and I believe that one day, when the time is right, I will find that special someone.

But enough about me.
7 tips for an easy first date ? Keep reading!

Back to the dating tips. Every date with a new person is a bit exciting. I always tell myself that it’s only the first meeting, just friendly and then I’ll see. I used to be way to attached and emotional, which is something you should let go of when you are (online) dating.  And although I haven’t found my match yet, I do have quite some experience with dating. Here are 7 tips for an easy first date!


1]  Like I said: see it as a friendly meeting with someone. Just talking about random things, see if there’s a connection. Don’t try to look at it as a potential wedding-material-candidate. That way you’ll make it far too serious. So: keep it fun, don’t think too much about it and don’t be too serious. Some weird get-to-know questions that work for me are: hobbies, 10-year-goals, favorite dog (a dog-owner and it’s dog always look-a-like in the way they behave. Look around, you’ll see what I mean. By naming his favorite dog, you can already figure out something about him), zodiac signideal day, favorite book/movie, and the rest is up to you 🙂


2] WhatsApp is nice, but in the end.. you won’t get to know each other by sending texts over and over. I find a voice very important, so try to call as soon as possible to start with. And then… try to plan a date as soon as possible. When you actually see someone, it can be totally different than you’ve had in mind. So why spending all your time on someone via App, while you can have a drink with that person too? And if the person is “too busy”, or not wanting to come to a place nearby: quit the shit. Don’t date him.


3] Put your phone away and try to really listen and ask questions. I was on a date with a guy a few weeks back and he complimented me on the fact I didn’t check my phone every second. Something I would never do when I’m with someone (although I’m kind of addicted, but not during meetings and dates), so I thought: this might be something to keep in mind.

4] Have fun! Joke around.. you’ll have an excuse to touch his arm now and then “Haha, that’s so funny * touching arm * ” Laughing and showing him that beautiful smile of yours also helps. Looking in his eyes just a bit longer than usual. The “oh, there’s something in my eye..” Yeah.. There are some little tricks to win him for you 😉


5] Eat-dates are totally fine when you already know someone (so not from an app). The thing is: it might be fun to go out and eat, but if you really don’t like the person you’re with, you’re kind of stuck. You can hardly say: “Yo, I don’t feel like eating anymore. Have a nice evening and dinner, bye”, at the end of your starters. So: go for a drink first, just to see if there are sparks between you and him and then you can leave at any time you want.


So once, I had this date with a guy I met on Tinder. It was our first date and we went to an Italian. To eat spaghetti.
(-Oh hellllll no, you didn’t-, well… yes. We did) So the service was terrible. The pasta wasn’t what we expected. The spoons were giant (seriously) and I almost choked in my spoon full of spaghetti. Although it was super funny and we both had a great time, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s just a bit too awkward when you don’t know each other yet.

And if you go for an eat-date (I love food, so I also like eat-dates) on one of your first dates.. try to sit next to each other, instead of staring at each other while eating. It’s way less in your face and awkward and… bonus you’re sitting close to each other.

7 tips for an easy first date

6] Meet at day-time. A lot of people like to date in the evening. I get it when you’re working late, then there’s not really another option. But personally, I like to get to know someone at daytime. Why? First of all: you can see someone in the actual light (I had three dates with someone in the evening, the 4rd at daytime and he was & acted completely different than at the evening-dates). Second: there’s no alcohol involved. People always act a bit differently when there’s alcohol involved, so: go for a cup of coffee or tea.


7] Go to a place that you know. I like to meet at a bar or café that I know, because I know the people who work there and because I know the environment. It makes you feel a bit safer somehow. Of course, this is optional. Discovering new places are also fun, but I’d keep that for the second one 🙂


And.. were these 7 tips for an easy first date helpful? And do you have more dating tips? Let me know! XO