9 places to visit in Lisbon

9 places to visit in Lisbon

9 places to visit in Lisbon… Hey Goldies! I’ve been in Lissabon and want to share some must sees and must do’s with you. The must eat-placesyou can find in my Lissabon vlogs. The 9 places to visit in Lisbon you’ll read about today!

  1. Bélem 

Okay, this place is a must must must visit! You can go by bus the easiest way. Once you’re there, first visit the Torre de Bélem at first. That place.. is so magical. I don’t know what it is, but there’s just this feeling when you’re there, almost as if it isn’t real. Or if you’re in the middle of a fairytale. There was a violist playing beautiful music, which made the whole thing even better.. And a lot of people were making pictures there (of course), but because we were early, it was totally doable!

9 places to visit in Lisbon

After the Torre de Bélem, we went to Bélem city. Just walking back, going through streets, getting lost.. and then we put our Google Maps on to find Pastais de Bélem. YUMMY! A real recommendation, it’s cheap, super delicious and a little tip for you: skip the line, walk all the way to the front and then go insideA lot of people are waiting in line for the bakery, while inside there’s a restaurant. You can eat at the restaurant for a really small price, and you can even order (packed) pastries from there.

2. Da Praca
Address: @ LX Factory, Rua Rodrigues de Faria 103, 1300-501 Lisbon\

9 places to visit in Lisbon

We didn’t eat at Da Praca, but we found that recommendation on the internet.. so if you visit LX Factory, take a look and try it 🙂 (and then let me know if I should come back for it haha). LX Factory is not really big, but it is fun to just stroll around. It’s like a vintage + new market, with some places to eat around it. You have fashion, jewelry, interior, food.. all kinds of things. When you take the bus back from Bélem, you’ll probably cross the street where LX Factory is. I’d recommend combining the two for a full day of fun <3

9 places to visit in Lisbon

3. Cocktails at PARK (secret rooftop bar)
Address: Calçada Combro, 1200 Lissabon

A friend of mine living in Lisbon recommended this one to me. Because we had multiple rooftops on our list, we didn’t have time to visit this one, but it should be a rooftop where you can both chill… and dance!

4. Ferroviário rooftop bar

Music was good, ambiance is great and I think when it’s a bit later in the evening, it will be even greater! It’s the perfect spot to have a Prosecco or cocktail with your friends and just enjoy the moment. You’ll see more of this place in my vlog 🙂

5. Cascais (amazing foodplace in my Lissabon vlog part 2)

9 places to visit in Lisbon

Cascais is a small and beautiful city in Portugal. From Lisbon, you can get there by train (1,40 euros). It’s thé place where you can go to the beach, do some sunbathing and swimming. Although the water is SO COLD. Unbelievable. Everyone was running into the see and I was running too, but then I felt the icecold water and I changed my mind haha. There’s also a very very nice foodspot there, again: more in the vlog (otherwise this article gets way too long).

6. Walk through the streets of Alfama

Just wander, get lost, walk into one street and then another one. Try to find some old cafes to have your lunch/dinner, and talking about dinner… Alfama is thé place where you can find the REAL FADO. Again: avoid touristic places, because they’ll make you pay more just for the fado. However, if you walk through the streets, ask a couple of locals and follow the music, you’ll soon find yourself listening to some real Fado. The most amazing thing and a real recommendation.

7. Topo Chiado

This is a restaurant with a beautiful view… we didn’t eat here, but it was on the list. Bellalisa elevador is near the restaurant, which is an elevator that will take you all the way up and provides you… a beautiful view (pictures, pictures, pictures)
9 places to visit in Lisbon8. Palacio nacional da pena (Pena Palace in Sintra)

One of thé most amazing palaces I’ve ever seen in my life. Só beautiful. Do take a guide though. I’ll explain: when you walk outside the trainstation there’s 20 people wanting you to hire them as your guide… And they ask you money for it. First reaction: NOPE! But: DO IT. Go up by car (we’ve paid about… 7,50 per person) and then WALK ALL THE WAY DOWN (burning the Sintra pastries I’ll tell you about next hahah). The colors have a specific story on their own: red was for the owner, yellow for the staff and grey for their guests. The furniture they’ve used, is still inside, so you can take a look at that.. And when you’re done visiting the palace, go to the garden, because it’s SO beautiful. The trees.. hidden treasures.. beautiful flowers.. It’s worth the hike and sweat haha.

9 places to visit in Lisbon

9. Sintra

Okay, so when you go to Pena Palace, you’re already in Sintra, but it’s up to you whether you take the train straight back… or visit the anchient city first. And when you do the last thing, you should try these two pastries that are famous [and only to be found] in Sintra. One is the queijada, a small circular cake made with eggs, milk, sugar and cheese. This lends the cake a smooth texture and sweet-savoury flavour that can’t easily be described, but is definitely moreish. Another sweet to try with a coffee is a travesseiro, a cylindrical puff pastry filled with an almond and egg cream.

9 places to visit in Lisbon


These were 9 places to visit in Lisbon . Let me know if you went and used these tips <3


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