How to be Parisian

9 Tips to look expensive

♥ In case you are not a rich girl or won the lottery, you probably have a budget you need to live on.
Even though this budget might be limited,
you can still look expensive with a few tricks and investing in the right pieces♥

1. “Basic” Bags

Have some good quality bags in neutral colors such as black, nude, white. Try to go for timeless designs and you will wear them for years and years while making any outfit look more expensive. I like golden accessories on your bag that match with your jewelry and in look more expensive too I think.

2. Monochrome makes you look expensive

When in doubt, go for a one color look – for example all white. That always looks crispy and elegant. White is not only for the summer, no, you can also wear it in winter. But all other colors are possible like grey, beige or even red shades.

3. Textured Coat most important piece

Coats are one of the most important pieces in a wardrobe for me. You should really have a good range here of basic tones and some statement colors. A good coat doesn’t need to be expensive tough. Just take one that has some kind of structure – a bouclé or faux fur for example. Throwing that one over will makes any look expensive.

4. Some good Pants

I’ve been wearing jeans most of the time but recently I discovered the tailored pants for me. I really love them because they create a more adult look and, of course, make you look expensive. It can be tricky to find the perfect fit, but it’s worth it. Let the tailor make it a perfect fit for you and you’re set for a long time.

5. Layering for that expensive look

Done right layering makes you look immediately expensive. Creating different levels and combining textures will give your outfit so much depth and makes it look interesting.

6. Add Sunglasses

This sounds like such a cheap trick, but adding sunglasses to your outfit can make it look more stylish and expensive in an instant. Find the shape that fits your face and go for it. I prefer round and cat-eye shapes at the moment and like my range of black, brown and rosé ones.

7. The right Skirt Length

I love wearing skirts. They make you look so feminine. I like all lengths but if you want to look expensive go for a knee or midi length. This will make you look more grown-up and you’re probably taken more seriously. Always have a few basic pencil skirts at hand to combine with your favorite tops or sweaters.

8.Some good Shoes

Shoe trends change every few seasons. But with some black ones you can never go wrong. Round caps or pointed. I prefer black ones for an expensive look. You should have one pair of flats, one of boots and one of high heels in your collection. How do you like my new Dolcis pumps by the way? I’ve been looking for classy pumps a long time, but I think I’ve finally found them! They’re also on sale right now, so you can buy them for only 14 pounds (yep, you’ve read that right).

9. Don’t forget your Hat

It’s not for everyone, but if you have a hat-face like I do, don’t be afraid to wear them. Hats can make simple outfits look so stylish and expensive. Both in summer and in winter you will see me wear hats all the time. I own quite a collection nowadays ;).

  Truien en Vesten, maar welk model past bij mij ?

Truien en Vesten, maar welk model past bij mij ?
How to be Parisian


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