A new direction | Storytelling

A new direction | Storytelling

♥About my new direction … I’m not the kind of person who can follow a certain diet, who does shakes only, I’m the kind of person who loves food. That’s always been me and always will be. So… ♥

Change of plans = Happier me


As I was enjoying my piece of spelt-bread topped with chocolate protein crème and strawberries, just finished my other piece with goat cheese, I felt extreme happiness. Funny right, how you can feel so incredibly happy by eating something you really love. It was the point when I realized I’m not the kind of person who can follow a certain diet, who does shakes only, I’m the kind of person who loves food. That’s always been me and always will be.

A new direction | Storytelling
My favorite chocolate protein crème at the moment, it’s from Women’s Best 🙂
| I get grumpy when I don’t eat, really, I do. But I also like to look good in my fashionable outfits, while having an athletic and fit, (preferably) cellulite-free body. How? Balance is key.

The other thing about me, is that I love to workout. When I don’t workout, I feel this lack of energy, I feel unhappy… Sometimes I’m too tired, don’t feel like it, sick, or too busy, but after I finished a workout: I feel amazing. I feel confident, happy, healthy, GREAT.


I summed up the things I needed to do on Sunday, like: writing blogposts. But I had no inspiration [hold on to inspiration], didn’t know what to write about. I’ve always loved to write, but the last couple of weeks it didn’t feel like something I loved to do any more. More something I had to do.

….. and then I knew. A new direction . Fashion isn’t something that defines me. Beauty isn’t. Fitness isn’t. Food isn’t. Travel isn’t. It’s a combination of all the above.

Today is the day for a new direction


Let me introduce myself and my blog to you (again).
My name is Charissa. I’m a Happy, Healthy & Yummy life-lover. For me, a happy life equals: fashion, fitness, food, travel, ánd beauty.. So from now on, those will be the things I’ll write about.

I’m extremely happy, because it feels like I finally found something that makes this blog me, unique and one of a kind. A new direction .

A new direction | Storytelling
I’ve been trying out Women’s Best for a week now. More about that soon. Did you already know the brand? And what’s your opinion about it? X


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    It’s important to find a good balance. I struggle with that hahaha I try to cut certain things out of my diet, but some days I just don’t care. Lol, I can’t wait to see how you transform your blog! Glad to see that you are happy and loving life. 🙂

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    I’m so excited to read your new stuff! This truly makes you happy and that’s what matters. Us readers will see your passion easily.

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    Jo @ CutandChicVintage

    I get grumpy when I don’t eat too haha! I think the best diet is the one where you can eat everything (obviously some things in moderation) but never restrict anything. I’ve been seeing Women’s Best on Instagram but still am not sure what it is. Would love to read your review on it!

    xo, Jo

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    michenn (@michennblog)

    I think when you write about what makes you happy and what you enjoy, you’ll find even better success. Best of luck babe, you’re amazing at anything you do!


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    Omg I really love food. I don’t know what can I do without a good food. I’m not a diet person 100% and I like to exercise too, that is a secret of good body, eat well and exercise well 🙂

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    Sweet as Fiction

    It’s always good to find your niche and direction when it comes to blogging. After reading your post I can tell you are in a good place and it’s soo refreshing to see someone just going for their dreams! Can’t wait to see what your blog has in store in the coming months.

    Sweet as Fiction xx

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    Working out and getting fit def has a great mood elevating property! When people work out, they feel good about themselves and also getting stronger. So good that you are dedicating more time for working out.

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    It’s so important to strive to be happy and know what makes you feel positive about yourself. This was such an inspirational post, and I’m glad you’ve found a new direction for your blog. Looking forward to more posts from you!

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    It’s great to be well with your body. I also prefer to move it and to eat after as it should;) “Mens sana in corpore sana”. Very motivational post

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    Dear Charissa, I’ve felt the same way lately and really thought about what’s wrong with me as I love to write, but really have written more out of a chore than actually out of the passion for writing and that has made me reboot my life quite a bit and I’ve began to look differently of what I “have” to do and what can wait. It’s been so rewarding. And hi you, nice to meet you, again! 🙂

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    Sounds great! I prefer to write about a mixture of topics as well, just writing about fashion can feel very limited. Often I will get stuck on what to theme the post around, unless I have a plan behind it. All the best, looking forward to the mix up!
    xx Jenelle

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    As many years as I’ve been blogging, I’ve also discovered there’s no one thing I can stick to when it comes to blogging. I love fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel and everything in between! I am glad you have also discovered the niches of your blog that make you happy; it doesn’t always have to be one thing!


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    I love that you are going in a new direction and you are going to take your amazing blog with you. I love that you are lookin to create such great happiness and know ways (like working out) to get there. Keep up the great work, Charissa!

    Danielle | FollowMyGut.com <3

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    Don’t you just love it when rebirth happens??? I love shifting and being inspired all over again. It’s apart of the art process. Congrats to your new direction! I can’t wait to see what the new blog will be about!

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    Wow !! This is absolutely amazing! Delighted to read this and I am just like you ! I really enjoy food and also like to workout. I really try hard to find the time to exercise because I feel so much better when I do.

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    Open Kloset

    Hey Sweetheart:)
    You are Like me, Love Food and Eating:) Can’t stop just because I have to make Diet!
    I eat whatever I want and Do exercise:)
    I think the Most Important that we Do Workout and sometimes Detox:)
    Happy Weekend
    Love Karina

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