An eye opener. Today is about itchy vagina’s and girls who ask for it. Weird? It might get weirder. Read along and let me know what you think about today’s column!


It’s that time again. Just want to give my opinion about something that I noticed.. more than once. An eye opener once you know what I’m talking about.


Ok so today’s going to be about itchy vagina’s and girls who ask for it. Wait what? You said.. what? I’ll tell you right away.

an eye opener

I think I see the commercial more than 10 times a day: Canesten Gyno. For women with itchy moldy vaginas. You have the pill and a cream for it and you can buy it at your local pharmacy. Totally fine, but then we have the next thing: Chilly. For the smelly vaginas. We have the Always liners, so that you don’t have to worry that anybody will smell anything when you throw your legs in the air. Which, of course, is something we women do all day, every single freaking day #not.


We have the machines for smooth feet. Facial creams that make that one guy fall in love with you after a one-night-stand. Datingtips so that you [woman] can ask him out (shouldn’t that be the other way around? What to wear on a first date). Razors to have smooth legs for your date. Then I didn’t even mention all the make-up and other stuff.

The point is. Everything that we see on television/commercials/etc. is about things that we women should change about ourselves. They highlight certain things, marked as dirty or weird, while they’re perfectly normal. They give us things to worry about.


Now that wouldn’t be a problem. But think about it: did you ever, EVER, saw commercial for men about smelly, itchy, moldy Willy’s (penis)? Or a commercial that said men need to have a smooth and clean torso and how to? We buy tons of stuff, get fed up with all these bullsh*t commercials (that really annoy me), but it’s never about men.

If you think about it. Isn’t it an eye opener?


Another thing is that when a man is (half) naked, he’s sexy. Always. Men with a few pounds more, are called: beautiful men with a few pounds more. Men with more women are cool. Men who’ve had lots of women, have experience. Men who kissed multiple girls on one night, are called: a Casanova. Maybe a player. But we all do like players and bad boys right? So why bother.


Now women… Women who show of some cleavage on their pictures are whores. When they wear a bikini and pose, they’re bold and challenging. Women with no make-up on don’t put effort in themselves. Women who wear to many makeup are sluts. Women with a few pounds more are called fat or miss piggy. Women with multiple men? Not done. Women who don’t shave? Dirty. When you kissed multiple guys on one night? Slut. Had lots of men? Whore, easy to get, not important.


An eye opener, I hope it is. Not just for you or for me. For everyone. I hope that we can change the world bit by bit again, realizing that we’re equal and that we should stop all this nonsense.

My critical article for the day. I hope you enjoyed haha, now tell me: what do you think?