Angelina in Paris, a luxurious and divine place. Loved among Coco Chanel and Proust. Read along and I’ll tell you more…


As I had discovered Paris a few years ago. Visiting all the “touristic” places. Going on the Eiffle Tower, visiting the Louvre and see the Mona Lisa. A boat tour on the Seine… All super fun, but already done so they were no longer on the bucket list this time.

No this time, we wanted to go for a more relaxed vacation, since we run around like crazy a few years ago. Making pictures for the blog and Instagram were part of it. But what we mostly loved doing was visiting typical French cafés and patisseries, relax and just watching people.

Before we went, I searched for the cutest places and found “Angelina”.

Angelina, a luxurious and divine place in Paris, loved among Coco Chanel and Proust.
The Angelina in Paris Story

In 1903 the confectioner Antoine Rumpelmayer founded ‘Angelina’, after his daughter-in-law. For over a century the tearoom has built a reputation as a place of sophistication and indulgence. As soon as it opened, Angelina became the place to be among the Parisian aristocracy.
Proust and Coco Chanel rubbed shoulders with the biggest names in fashion in Angelina’s salons.
Angelina in Paris - loved among Coco Chanel and Proust

The interior, designed by the famous Belle Epoque architect Edouard-Jean Niermans. Combines elegance, charm and refinement. To create a sense of romanticism and poetry. Angelina in Paris is a tranquil, exquisite space, somewhere between serenity and indulgence.

‘Angelina’ is known for her delicious African Hot Chocolate.

This famous “African” hot chocolate is composed of three carefully selected kinds of African cocoa. From Niger, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. The secret recipe for this chocolate mix is specially put together for Angelina. A combination of these different types of chocolate from different country’s gives Angelina’s hot chocolate its exceptional taste and distinctive character.

Angelina in Paris, loved among Coco Chanel and Proust.

The Mont-Blanc

is an iconic pastry: combines meringue, light whipped cream and chestnut paste vermicelli.  To delight even the keenest of palates.
Mont-Blanc’s unique, unrivalled recipe has made it Angelina’s famous trademark pastry since 1903.

My opinion?

The hot chocolate is totally different from what we have in Pays Bas (Holland). Here we get milk mixed with chocolate/cacao-powder. At Angelina’s you get melted real chocolate. So literally: hot chocolate. It’s super fun to try, but the chocolate was a little too heavy for me :-). I did love the pastry underneath by the way; merengue with nuts and hazelnut cream, yum!

Angelina in Paris - loved among Coco Chanel and Proust


Would you go here à la Chanel? Let me know! Speak to you soon Goldies. Big hug, Charissa