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Asos Business Woman

Hi Loves,

I’ve had a very exciting week so far, I hope you can say the same?
I’ve had quite a lot business meetings and there are só many cool collaborations coming up. You’ll see them in upcoming posts, so visit regularly.

The Asos dress is a special one, because you have to knot it all together. It gives it a cool look.
The fabric is really soft. And if you’re a bit sweaty because of your nerves: no worries! You won’t see a thing 😉

I think this Asos outfit is perfect for business meetings or going to college. Because it’s feminine, young, fun ánd classy. You might recognize the Old School bag from a previous post. You can stuff all your things, like pens and notes and of course your phone in this bag.
I think it totally matches the feeling of this Asos outfit.


  The shoes are called “Boyfriend-Shoes” and they are from Invito. I’m not sure if you can still get them, because it’s quite a while since I’ve bought these babies. You know, sometimes you buy stuff and then you put it somewhere in your closet… You forget about it and when you find it back, you fall in love all over again with it. I had that same feeling with these shoes. I knew they were somewhere, but now I’ve found them I’ll wear them more often 🙂

ASOS Dress

Of course, not all of you loves are Bloggers or busy business babes, but this Asos outfit is also really cool when you’re going to college or when you have to give a presentation. You like it? Then hurry to Asos online because it sells very well.
xxx Charissa


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