Best place to have dinner in Paris

3x Best place to have dinner in Paris

3x Best place to have dinner in Paris. From the best view, to the best food. I’ve been to a lot of places in Paris and last time I discovered some pretty awesome places to have dinner. Therefore today: 3x best place to have dinner in Paris!

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Philippe Baranes created a very unique fine-dining restaurant called: “Dessance”. To be found in the Marais district. Philippe came up with a new style of cuisine, where he pairs different textures, temperatures and drink pairings all together. I’m not gonna lie when I tell you this was an experience. A very good one. We entered the intimate and cosy place, saw modern interior, Japanese/Western feeling and lots of plants. I liked it right away. Every dish was prepared with love, accompanied with different drinks every dish. This way, we tasted the flavours even better. The first two dishes were to spice it all up, before they went a little sweet, sweeter, sweetest. As you see: it looked delicious. And it tasted delicious too. Price? Maximum 55 euros. Not even thát expensive and totally worth it. Best place to have dinner in Paris ? Yes!

74 Rue des Archives Paris 3rd


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Pansoul! A new gourmet restaurant you can find on the famous boat of the Concrète moored at Quai de la Râpée in Paris.
They provide their customers with a seasonal menu that changes regularly. Menus are placed on LP-covers and you’ll find: two starters, two main and two desserts. Unfortunately our group passed the dessert (I didn’t know we did) so I’d highly recommend you not to skip that part, because… It sounded amazing (heart cries). Definitely crazy about the location and the wine here. There’s music outside, lots of French people and you can even party till the morning arrives again. So even if you’re not going to have dinner, this place is a must visit (these pastry shops are also a must-visit) You can take amazing pictures here, you can see the tram rush by over the bridge and you can enjoy the company of real French….

Port de la Rapée, Paris 12th

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Les Résistants

The three friends have been traveling through France to discover the best products in each region. This way, they can surely say  each and every product is made in France. Quality and honesty above all! On their website they explain which product is made where. So put all of these together and you’ll get: Kind people, good food, good price. Located in the luxury area of Paris, but you don’t see it back in your wallet. You can have a whole menu (3 courses) for under 18,50! And believe me, especially in Paris, you don’t usually find them so cheap. The food was good: simple, organic, real and honest. What you see is what you get and what you get is what you see. I loved it, hope you will too!

16-18 Rue du Château d’Eau Paris 10th

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