Black Red White zippers Maison Laponte

Black Red White with Zippers

Black Red White with Zippers. Read more about this incredible fashionable brand

Incredible attention to detail Black Red White with Zippers .

During the fashion week in Milan ” Maison Laponte ” has created a collection entirely inspired by the shapes and the elegant movement of snakes. A collection with a minimal taste, with incredible attention to detail. The viscose fabrics, black red white ,  combined with the weight of zippers, gives a perfect shape and strength to all leaders. Gianandrea Sergi also created designs Black Red White for men which can be found on the website.

Here I’m wearing a Dress with hood and vest (like I was wearing here too), the hood is quite big and heavy but it’s a real eye-catcher.
As you can see on some of the pictures, the dress is sometimes a bit low. This makes the dress sexy on one hand, but a bit un-comfy on the other.. What you could do is wearing a black top underneath, but that’s up to you.
The gap under the arms is also quite low, so my advice is to wear a black bra underneath ;-). The shoes I’m wearing are from Asos and that beautiful Clutch is from L’Eternel. There’s also a string that you can put on the clutch, but now I’m wearing it like this.




Black Red White with Zippers


Black Red White with Zippers | Lady Goldapple


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