Bourjois cattitude

Bourjois Cattitude mascara and eyeliner

In today’s BP of the week (Beauty Product of the week) I’m unleashing my inner cattitude with Bourjois. 

Bourjois cattitudeIntense volume without the annoying lumps. Hard to find, yet this Bourjois mascara seems to be the one. I have tons of mascaras laying in my make-up box, but when I saw this one with the little cat on the package.. My cattitude told me to just try it..

[alert_danger] Try me Charissa. You can do it.  [/alert_danger]

And when I did… I loved the effect. Volume isn’t super voluminous with one layer, however it does reach every single lash and by applying more layers, I’m sure you can add more volume as well. About the brush: it’s different from normal brushes, one side is making it easy to reach all your lashes. And the other side? To build more volume.

Then the eyeliner: one that’s really easy to apply, but not waterproof. So especially with the Dutch weather, or when you want to sweat your pores out in the gym and happen to wear the eyeliner.. not ideal. So: easy to apply, unfortunately not waterproof…

How do you like the cat-eye-effect? And would you try it or are you more into other mascaras? Let me know!

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