There’s a braparty going on at Hunkemöller! My favorites, bras on top.

Hi lovely ladies (& gents),

There’s a new Hunkemöller campaign going on: the Bra Party campaign! And let’s face it: new lingerie is a party for yourself (and your partner, if you have one)…. isn’t it?

Bras on Top

Best thing you can do now, is buying three bras, because that way you’ll always have the right bra in your closet AND: you’ll get the third one for free (2nd with 50% off). My advice: don’t go for three of the same styles in a different color (unless there’s only one that you really like), but try to vary in styles. For example: go for a comfy t-shirt bra, for underneath dresses and tight shirts, where lines and decorations aren’t welcome.

Bras on Top

Underneath a see-through blouse or top, it’s fun to go for a beautiful flirty and fashionable bra. When you need some more spice, you know: the moments you need to feel great and sexy, then go for the bra that gives you some more vavavoom. You’ll achieve this with a Plunge or Maximizer bra.

Bras on top!

A new trend that’s going on is : wearing bras on top. So over your clothing, you’re wearing your bra. It’s different, flirty, feels amazing (yes, it does) and gives your outfit a playful touch. I already got lots of compliments on it.

The colours and styles of the spring-collection are so cute. They really make you happy and give you that real Spring/Summer feeling. Can’t wait for the sun to shine every single day (and hopefully that will happen soon)

Bras on Top

Meike, Holly 1 (yellow, the one I’m wearing) and Holly 2 (pink), are my favourites.
You see them on the background 😉 Meike is called “Secret Lover” and has pretty details like the bow and pink lace. The matchy Brazilian is also gorgeous. Holly 1 (yellow) gives the feeling of a body top and feels really nice. As my number three: Holly, pink. My vavavoom favourite, because: when you’re wearing this, you’ll feel amazing and super feminine.


What do you think of the trend: bras on top? XO Charissa

Bras on Top