skincare acne

Skincare is very important,
especially if you have skin-problems like Acné .

Skincare is a daily routine to help prevent skin-problems , such as Acné and skin that is either too dry or too moist. Taking care of your skin can make your skin feel more smooth and give you that healthy glow. With proper care and good nutrition, food and skincare, you can improve the look of your skin. Sun protection is also an important aspect of skin care.

Those who visit my blog on a regular basis know that I’ve had always a difficult skin. Skin with acné outbreaks, redness and shine. There for I’m an expert in many cases on how to get ride of these problems and/or how to minimize there appearance. My acné is under control now because I have found out that some nutrition can activate skin outburst. Of course it has everything to do with hormones, but foods can be of influence even on your hormone housekeeping. And because this has helped me to get ride of acnë I’m sharing my experiences with you in a series of posts regarding

how to get ride of acné and how to take care of your acné-skin:

Did you know that Benzoyl peroxide produces free radicals in your skin. Those can cause premature aging because of thinning of the skin and weaken your skin’s ability to heal.

There are many bad products on the market now a days. And doctors give you anti-bacteria. They still think it is a bacteria that causes this. Which it isn’t. Salicylic acid is another common ingredient found in many different face washes and scrubs. The side effect, it can cause irritation and burning in the skin. In the clickable posts above, you will find more information.

Sun protection

Another thing in our skincare is sun-protection, that is very important now a days. So I also wrote some post regarding to that.
Take a look at those if your interested:

Day routine

And than there is of course your day to day routine for skincare and some D.I.Y. spa-moments: