Catwalk Trends; Stay Ahead With These Simple Steps

Catwalk Trends; Stay Ahead With These Simple Steps

♥ Fashion week is near… how to stay ahead with the catwalk trends? I’m spilling all my secrets.
There’s also a really cool editorial online, which you nééd to see ♥

Hi Lovelies, Amsterdam Fashion Week is near and I can’t wait to see all the new collections again! (And show them to you via sneak peeks) Also the preparations for Fashionweek are so much fun. Because of all the new trends, it might be hard sometimes to stay ahead. So, today: my simple steps to stay ahead on the Catwalk Trends ánd I’m showing you my trend outfit as well of course.

New Catwalk Trends

There’s always something new to be excited about. If it is an older trend coming back or a new bold item that is introduced. But, how do we get ahead of them, stay on top of the trends when they’re changing so often? It’s not easy, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, staying ahead of the catwalk trends is a lot easier than you would think. Every season there is a new trend. Whether you love them or hate them, trends can be something we want to stay ahead of each and every year.

Online details

One of the most traditional ways to keep ahead in the fashion industry is to go online. You can read online magazines such as fashion news online and read up on the details in paper-magazines too. By doing so, you can find a lot of information that will help to update your wardrobe for the next few months. You can also look at some older trends too to see what influences they used and what inspiration you can take from them as well.

Stay Social

A great way to stay on trend is regular checking of your social media. You can see impressions from catwalk shows, minutes after they appeared live. Also you can look at posts from the great designers such as Dior, Valentino and Dolce and Cabana. Also the celebs they usually set the trends. Of course you should check the leading fashion influencers and how they style the trends.

Edit through the noise

To get ahead on the trends is to take note of what is trending. After reading magazines and being active on social media, you have to be able to edit through the noise. There are a lot of trends each season, but not all of them will apply to you. You need to be able to take note of the new season items and figure out what works for you.

Stay True to you

After research and while editing, you need to remember to stay true to your own personal style. Yes, one trend might be dominating the catwalks and celebrities may love it. But the only way you can truly be fashion forward is to only wear what suits you. Not every trend will work for you.

Watch The Shows

Many of the shows now let you watch live. The live streams do allow you to edit the trends as you see them and work out what you might want to style when the season begins.

While shopping, I always keep in mind the latest trends. The ones above I kept in mind, while picking out my statement jacket from vanTilburgOnline. The puffy shoulders and stripes are going to be big this season and I absolutely love it. More and more, you’re it’s becoming a trend to just wear whatever you want and combine multiple prints and colors. I must say, it really makes the street more fun to look at this way.

Catwalk trends from Lady Goldapple for you

And when you think that it takes to much of your time. Simply follow blogs like this one to stay ahead of the catwalk trends !

As I said above.. I’m wearing this super cool jacket from Rinascimento, bought online by . It’s really that statement jacket you need to have, to spice up your warderobe. No matter how you style it, it always looks cool. Style it off with some classy boots and you’re ready to go!

Via the fantastic (by whom I was interviewed a little while ago, check it out on my press-page), I found out about Van Tilburg Online. They are the the biggest Fashionshop in the Netherlands. They have the most amazing brands online all on one site such as Calvin Klein, Diesel, G-star, JoshV, Kocca, Michael Kors, Nikkie, Only, the list goes on and on. Whether you have a big budget, or a not so big one.. you’ll always find something trendy. After reading about these catwalk trends tips, you’re probably thrilled to go shopping. Well, good news: they have an online January sale! Go check it out and score those musthaves.  

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I am wearing:
Rinascimento Vest | van Tilburg online
Black skinny jeans | Enjoy
Shirt | Minimum

What do you think of these Catwalk trends? And what about my amazing VanTilburgonline outfit? XO

-Photography by Madelief Dekker


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