Coconut Oil What to do with it ?
I love using coconut oil, I use it on a daily base, so I wanted to write an article about it and tell you about the one I’ve been using for a little while now….
Coconut Oil What to do with. The coconut oil I’ve been using for this article is from AmanPrana,
what I like about their brand is that every product is fair trade;
The new Amanprana Fair Trade Coconut Project, gives jobs to 300 families from the Philippines and Sri Lanka; and the oil is biologic and raw.
Extra virgin coco-oils are the most safe to cook or fry with. This extra virgin coconut oil from AmanPrana was the first one in Europe,
is always packed in glass, never in plastic which is better for the environment, is even usable after two years and is raw, unbleached and not deodorized.

Kokosolie Amanprada, ayurveda, Coconut oil Aman Prada, Lady Goldapple

Sounds great, right? Coconut Oil But What to do with it ?
Here’s a list of things you could use it for:

>You can cook with it, even on high heat (till 180 degrees)
>Put it on your toast instead of butter
>Oil Pull; before you eat or drink anything in the morning, put a teaspoon of coconut oil in your mouth and rinse it in your mouth for about 15 minutes(quite long, but you could put it in your mouth while doing your make-up for example), then spit it out. This will give you; whiter teeth, healthy gums, more energy, better skin and helps you to get rid of all bacteria’s
>Put it into your smoothie
>You could highlight your cheekbones with it
>Use it as a body (or even as a shaving) lotion
>Combine it with sugar and use it as a body scrub
>Remove your make-up with coconut oil
>You can use it as a lip balm
>Or as a Massage-oil
>And as a hair-conditioner/mask

What I love about this coconut oil is that it smells amazing, I absolutely love the smell of coconuts and this one has a really strong cocos-smell,
so this is definitely my fave! I personally use it as lip balm, to moisturize my lips,
as a hair-mask to make my hair look (and smell…..) healthy and to make these yummy pancakes -so I use it instead of butter-
I love coconut oil, because it’s organic and it has so many functions! You could use it for almost everything you want, so it’s a really handy “thing” to keep in your house for whenever you want 🙂

That’s quite a lot, right? Tell me: where do you use Coconut Oil for?

Kokosolie Amanprada, ayurveda, Coconut oil Aman Prada, Lady Goldapple