• Hey Goldies! Today I reveal the results of my Hunkemöller bikini shoot I did last week [vlog will be live this Friday], I’m telling you why every body is a bikini body •

EVERY BODY IS A BIKINI BODYOne of my favourite quotes is: Every body is a bikini body. A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend of mine, who asked me how everything went with my bikini body. I answered with the quote, which resulted in a weird reaction. “Then why work on your body, if every body is a bikini body.” Thing is, I work out because I like to work out. Because I like the feeling afterwards. The muscle-pain that shows I did something good. The progress that shows my body is getting fitter each time. I’m not working out because I want to be “Summer ready”. We’re all Summer ready. Always.



When I told my friends about my change of lifestyle [read about it here]  and the fact that I was working out more, lead to the comments: then I should workout more too! If I want to be able to look good, walking next to you on the beach. Haha. It made me wonder: why do we think like that about ourselves? Why are we so afraid of wearing a bikini, exposing our bodies to the world? We’re the same person with or without clothing and we’re beautiful no matter what. The only thing is: you have to believe in it.

Selfconfidence is something you need to keep working on. I have this mantra that I tell myself every single day: I’m confident, I’m powerful, I’m ambitious, I’m smart, I’m kind, I’m loving, I’m me and that’s good enough. Why would you worry about what other people might think or say about you? So what if they don’t like you. So what if they don’t like your body. It’s their opinion and their life. You have your own and you have your own life.  


I didn’t always like my body. I’m being honest with you here. But I learned to love and accept myself, the way I am. Of course I could keep comparing myself to babes who are skinnier and more toned, but why would I? I’m not them, I am me.


And still, there’s room for progression. But does that mean I don’t like myself now? NO. Does that mean I don’t love my body? NO. When I did this shoot, I didn’t care about the people walking by, stopping and looking. I didn’t have the voice inside my head, wondering: what would they think. I don’t care what people might say when I post them online. The thing is: I like them. I like my body. And I hope you have the same feeling about yourself too

Every body is a bikini body. We all have a body, we all have a bikini. So put it on and wear it with confidence. It doesn’t matter if you have little muffin tops, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a flat stomach with sixpack. Neither does it matter if you have a smooth, tanned skin with a Kim K. butt. Some of us are blessed with it, some of us work their asses of to get it and some of us don’t think it’s that important. And all options are totally fine.


Wearing: Bikini – Hunkemöller Doutzen collection | Jewellery: Fossil bracelets, vintage earrings, ring from Les Georgettes | Gladiator sandals from Hunkemöller

every body is a bikini body

EVERY BODY IS A BIKINI BODY. So let’s put on our new fabulous bikini (how do you like mine by the way? From the Doutzen Hunkemöller collection) and flaunt on the beach with a huge smile on our face.
I don’t need to work on my bikini body. i need to work on my bikini mind