♥ Stay Independent, Vital and Strong just exercise !

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Today is all about exercising. You’re either into it… or not. I’ll tell you why everyone should exercise

Physical Activity (exercises or training) is an activity which is repeatedly performed to improve or maintain the fitness.

Why everyone should Exercise

Exercising regularly, is one of the bést ways to prevent you from getting diseases and to keep you as healthy as possible. Sometimes it’s so hard to get up from the couch and go to fitness ‘whoisthatblonde’ gives you some motivation on her blog, to do so!
There are all kinds of physical activity, light or hard and heavy. So… There’s plenty of choice to choose the right activity for you!

The advantages of Exercising

By exercising regularly, your heart will get stronger and the condition of your longs will improve. This way, the “cardiovascular system” (which are basically your heart, blood-vessels and veins) can give more oxygen to the body per heartbeat and the maximum amount of oxygen the body can take in and use, will increase. Good reason why everyone should exercise don’t you think?

Why everyone should Exercise

Physical activity lowers blood pressure and values of “bad” cholesterol, which decreases the risk of getting a heart attack –or any other heart-disease. Other forms of diseases, for example diabetes, won’t occur often by people whom exercise regularly.

Why everyone should Exercise

Physical Activity, of course, also strengthens your muscles. This way your body will be able to do things, it normally wouldn’t! If you exercise, your muscles and joints get extended and stretched, which makes them more flexible and decreases the risk of getting injuries.

Power/Strength training also strengthens the bones and help to prevent osteoporosis. But, if you suffer from painful joints and bones, you could better avoid sports like running.

Why everyone should Exercise

Maybe you’ve heard this one before, but if you train, you’ll get more endorphin in your body. This gives you a pleasant feeling and decreases pain. So basically, endorphin is a natural drug. Exercising always helps me clearing my mind and I feel happier and full of energy afterwards. Endorphin is só strong, it can even help people with a depression making them feel a lot better.

Why everyone should Exercise

–  Exercising: it’s a great way to meet new people
– If you’re not happy about your body (weight or shape), it can help you think more positive about your body and to become the person (with the body) you want to be (and have).
– And for older people, it’s an awesome way to stay independent, vital and strong.

However, if you quit… the positive effects will disappear. It doesn’t mean you have to be an athlete to get results or positive effects, NO! It’s all about finding the right balance and right exercises for you and to maintain them 🙂

Why everyone should Exercise

Next time, I’ll tell you about different ways and types of exercises, so stay tuned for that!

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