• How to get full brows?  Perfect and sexy full Brows, showing you how to create them with my Eyebrow routine •

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How do you get perfect and sexy full brows ? Of course à la Cara Delevigne (or Kim Feenstra, or Luna Bijl  ) Funny how the beauty standards keep changing. First, the perfect styled brows were a “must”, but then the muse from Karl Lagerfeld showed up and your brows couldn’t be full enough. Kim K’s make-up artist is also changing the browgame, because he’s no longer shaping her brows perfectly. But just filling them in a bit, keeping their natural shape.

Most important thing? To not “over-pluck” your brows. Personally, I only remove some hair at the bottom and between my brows, but that’s all. Then it’s just a matter of contouring a bit and filling them in. When you use the right products… you’ll have the most amazing wow brows. 

I read an article a few days ago and saw a girl whose eyebrows were totally ruined by tattoo’ing them. How awful if this would happen to you. Thinking you’re in the hands of an expert and then getting back permanent ugly brows?

I’m not getting my brows tattoo’ed, but I’m a stubborn plucker and my brows are as good as gone. Now what?

I don’t have experience with this myself, but I bumped on a Youtube video a little while ago. She is an “ex-plucker”, and now has the most amazing and fullest brows ever.

Her DIY (Do It Yourself):
-Vitamin E oil
-Castor oil

Mix these three together and put the mixture on your brows before you’re going to sleep [you probably didn’t know this about sleep]  When you repeat this ritual, you’ll see your brows becoming fuller and more beautiful.

My  perfect and sexy full brows Eyebrow routine:

First of all: shape is everything. To get them in shape perfectly, I get my brows waxed and colored every.. 1 or 2 months.

Before I go to sleep, I apply the browserum, to keep them healthy and full. Take a look at my Eye brow routine video, where I show it to you exactly what I use and how I use it.

eyebrow routine by lady goldapple

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