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Facial Fitness

Facial Fitness, the newest thing in fitness. Do your daily exercises and you will keep your youthful look….they say.
Here’s some for you to try


This is the newest exercise- device for your face. It’s yoga for your face. You put the device in your mouth and  bomb your head to swing it up and down rhythmically for two 30-second sessions a day like your see in the vid. You train your facial muscles. The reason it is designed to be stuffed in the mouth is, because a study conducted by Tokyo University has concluded that the muscles around our mouth area is the most susceptible to ageing. The face has at least 43 individual muscles that are responsible for a range of emotions. But as we grow older facial muscles tend to weaken over time leading to wrinkles and a droopy expression. Using this supposed to strengthen the facial muscles and tighten up the skin from within.

Hold it with your lips, not your teeth. Once you got the hang of it using PAO will be easy!

Facial-Flex Facial Fitness System

Facial-Flex Facial Fitness System Increase Mouth Muscle Strength by 250%. Made with surgical stainless steel and space-age material.
Trim, Tone and Tighten your face, chin and neck for a younger look in a matter of weeks.


This massage is awesome.Your complexion will improve and your features will soften.

Easy facial exercises feel & look better

In these easy facial exercises feel & look better by 
increasing the circulation and relaxation 
of the facial muscles, while restoring the 
skin suppleness and elasticity of the face.

Step 1 – Relax the forehead and temple
area with circular motions.

Step 2 – Grasp the skin on either side of the 
eyebrow and pinch gently along each

Step 3 – Place the finger pads middle of 
the forehead and gently slide 
fingers outwards to the temple 

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  • Avatar
    Jo @ CutandChicVintage

    I’m so intrigued by these facial exercises. I’ll probably try out the facial massage techniques to start with. The facial exercise tools look a bit scary to me haha! I’d be afraid I’d use them wrong and hurt myself!

    xo, Jo

  • Avatar

    WHOA this just changed my life but it makes perfect sense. I work out 6 days a week, but my face needs some exercise too! I’m going to try this for my puffy eyes and double chin. Thanks for this!

  • Avatar

    I’ve seen the PAO thing to use with the mouth but I’ve never tried it! I wish I was better at massaging myself but alas… I do agree facial fitness is important to relax the muscles though!!

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    Interesting article l, many people forget to exercise the face muscles. Them are so important like the body muscles.
    I’m always loving to read and know more about this kind of exercises

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    gina diaz

    This sounds so cool! I definitely would love to try it! When I used to do acting I practice some of this routines to relax the face muscles before coming on stage.

    Happy week ahead beauty!

    xx. Gina

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    Ana Vukosavljevic

    I read so much about facial fitness, but I never really tried it! I guess it’s time to give it a try, I believe it’s so much better than any cream out there!

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    Sweet as Fiction

    This is probably the coolest innovation I have ever seen! Who would’ve thought of such a contraption all in the name of preventing aging. I kind of want this now. Thanks for sharing it! 🙂

    Sweet as Fiction xx

  • Avatar

    Way to start early to fight the aging process! It is interesting to read about all these products and the exercise routines people do as facial fitness.

    ~ xo Sheree

  • Avatar

    If anti-aging products exist, these are definitely them! I have never had a massaging product for the face, but I can just imagine how it renews the skin. It’s definitely something I need to try, especially being on the back end of my 20s!


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    hehehehe it looks so weird! But it does make perfect sense. There is a reason of course that you feel so good after having a facial massage treatment. It is such a good thing to do- use those muscles.
    xx Jenelle

  • Avatar

    This post is so on point now, I am thinking to start my face massage sessions and was searching for information. Have to try Tanaka self face massage for sure!

  • Avatar

    Now this is what I call a useful post!! Thank you for this! We always hear about different exercises to tone the body but none for the face. Thank you for this!

  • Avatar

    Wow this is so crazy! I didn’t even know this was something we should do. Thanks for showing us!

  • Avatar
    michenn (@michennblog)

    OMG that pao sounds so interest haha. I feel like that’s something I would do while I was sitting in front of the TV, especially if it makes my face fitter haha.


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