Summer has arrived! Finally the weather is hot and happening! And with summer comes the Festival season. Enjoying good company and nice music on one of the many festivals. But before you can go to the festival you’ll have to have a fabulous outfit to look as cool as you can be!

What to wear?

Well everything that shows some skin is good, but don’t overdo this.

What does that mean? Don’t go all nude such as in bikini, keep that for the beach.

But a shorty and nice top are okay.

My go-to festival look is a long skirt with a lace top showing some skin on top and belly.


Festival – Flipflops

On your feet, wear open flipflops so you’ll look summerly and beachy. they’re easy to wear because they don’t have high heels.

But if you prefer to wear heels take some slipper models with big (not small) heels so you don’t disappear into the ground, hahah.

Festival Fashion Season Summer 2018

Festival Fashion Season Summer 2018

Wear big earrings, keep in mind the Ibiza look and you’re good to go!!

Hope you’ll have a great Festival season and enjoy with your friends.

Festival Fashion Season Summer 2018

Bring healthy snacks

And when you go to a summerfestival, bring some healthy snacks. Don’t know which? Take a look at these delicious (super) foods.

Weet je niet welke? Kijk dan even hier voor heerlijk (super) foods. 

But the most important thing is to have Fun! See you at one of the amazing summerfestivals, Goldies!