In this article I’ll present to you the perfect LEVIS jeans (and it gives you a delicious booty) A jeans can make or break your figure, so let’s find that perfect one!

The perfect LEVIS jeans

And then I posted this picture

I must admit, my booty does look good here and so did you agree haha. It’s partly because I have this butt and partly because of the bootcut jeans I’m wearing. You pay more for LEVI’s jeans then your usual jeans, but it truly is one of my favorite brands because the fit stays great and the quality is simply amazing.

There are multiple styles of jeans, so I listed them up to help you find the perfect LEVIS jeans

1) Super skinny jeans  |  2) Skinny jeans |  Skinny jeans 3)   |  Slim LEVIS 4)  |  Straight LEVIS 5) |  Boyfriend LEVIS 6) | Fabulous plus LEVIS 7) |


perfect Levis jeans

   @ Levis_spain even regrammed my Levis Booty 🙂


Some facts

♥ The jeans I’m wearing is a bootcut jeans.
♥ Boot-cut jeans are traditionally defined as jeans that taper at the knee and then loosen at the ankle so that a boot can be worn underneath the jeans.
♥ What I usually do when I’m not sure about the right size? Just order multiple sizes and try them on! (In case you go for online shopping)
♥ But in case you think you’ve got the same size as I: I’m wearing size 29/34. The 28/34 was also okay, but just a bit too tight to be comfortable. 29 is the width and 34 is the length.
♥ I like my jeans to be long, so when you wear heels, they still look good.

The perfect LEVIS jeans

I’ve got another article about jeans coming up soon (how to keep them beautiful), so stay tuned for that one! If you have any questions: let me know. BIG HUG, Charissa