♥ Fishnet tights are taking over the streets! How to wear the fishnet tights?
I’m showing you three looks, plus tell you about their history… ♥

Fishnet tights are taking over

I’m telling you. They’re taking over the streets. But you might have noticed that already.
Some people have to get used to it, because they see it as tacky. I don’t get that to be honest, because if you wear it the right way: it can be that super edgy touch to your outfit.

In these three outfits you see how I wear and style the fishnet tights.

Outfit 1:

Wear them under your trousers, when also wearing open shoes. The extra playful touch, are the “Bertina” heels from Dolcis. They also have a fishnet-print on them, so it’s almost like my tights  overflow my heels.

Outfit 2:
Here I’m wearing a blouse-dress (perfect for Spring and I love the color-blocking stripes).
Underneath I’m wearing my fishnet tights. I’m still looking for actual fishnet tights, because #spoiler: I’m actually wearing my favorite Hunkemöller stay-ups. A fun touch is that the back of my legs, show a sexy pattern. I would suggest to go for a neat/casual look with these fishnet tights, as they otherwise can be too sexy. It’s all about the right mixing and mathing, honestly.

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Outfit 3
Here I’m wearing ripped jeans, with the fishnet tights as see-through. Absolutely hate it when my ripped jeans get too ripped and my whole leg is showing. I mean.. it’s supposed to show a little bit, but not that much. So when you wear fishnets underneath, you’re braking the barrier and rocking the fishnet-trend. With some cute heels underneath, the look becomes edgy & classy at the same time.

fishnets are taking over

The history of fishnets are speculative. One says they aim their fame at the Moulin rouge time, but I also found another little story about them:


“The Peasant’s Wise Daughter”. In the story the king tells a peasant’s daughter that if she can solve his riddle, he will marry her. He challenges her to “Come to me not clothed, not naked, not riding…” and she solves the riddle by wrapping herself in a fisherman’s net

What do you think about fishnets?