Get a bikiniproof body and mindset!
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Get a bikiniproof body and mindset!

Get a bikiniproof body and mindset. Tips to get you happy and healthy. Here’s how!

Hey lovely goldies,

Summer is on it’s way.. it really is! Some of you already have those sunny days, but here in the Netherlands we still have to be patient. BUT: like I said, it’s almost there, we can do this. But what about our body and mindset? Are you ready to get a bikiniproof body and mindset? Well then… LET’S READ!

  1. We all have our flaws and we will always have them.

    Even the most ‘perfect people’ (atleast, that’s what we’re thinking, because no one is perfect) have flaws and insecurities. Thing is: as long as you don’t get defeated by it and feel bad about it, there’s nothing wrong. Don’t be so hard on yourself and just love you for being you.Festival Fashion Season Summer 2018

  2. Put on a bikini and flaunt that bootylicious gorgeous body!

    I always look at other people on the beach. I see all kinds and sizes, and everyone with a smile on their face. So why wouldn’t we?

  3. So far the mindset: we’re getting there. Now let’s continue with our body. Not to lose weight, but to get fit and healthy.
    First of all… something I recently learned is to eat slowly and chew 30-40 times. THAT. IS. A. LOT. OF. CHEWING.
    Really, it is. But you will feel way more full and filled afterwards and you’ll eat way less, because you eat slow.
  4. Yes you can eat that piece of cake,

    Or that delicious cookie, or some chunks from the chocolate bar.
    But don’t fool yourself by saying it’s not that bad. There are calories in there, and you are eating them.
    Doesn’t matter, we all have cravings, as long as you don’t eat them every day, all day and all the way (okay sorry, had to made this rhym)
    Get a bikiniproof body and mindset!

  5. Know what fills you up.

    For example: when I eat 75%less-carbs-bread from the Dirk (Dutch supermarket), I feel filled for 4 hours.
    When I eat other bread, I get hungry after 1,5 hours. When I eat chocolate paste I get hungry fast, when I eat oatmeal,
    I stay filled for hours. Just find out what works for you! (And don’t eat the same things every day, there are so many variations!)

  6. Don’t cut the carbs, just eat more veggies.

    I tried, really I did. But not eating pasta, bread, rice, or whatever makes me crave it even more. So.. I do eat them, I just eat less of them. About one big spoon of carbs, a hand full of protein (fish, meat, veggieburger, or whatsoever) and the rest of your plate filled with veggies. This in combination with the long-chewing (30-40 times) makes you feel super filled. And guess what? I’ve been doing this for more then 2 weeks now and I already look slimmer in my face (which is the place where I see it when I ate badly)Get a bikiniproof body and mindset!

  7. Cardio and power training!

    Sitting on the couch all day, sopping about NOT-getting that body that you want, doesn’t help you getting it. Just find an exercise that you like and go for it. It doesn’t have to be long though. Even if you just work out for 10 or 15 minutes a day, you’ll see results. I try to go to the gym 3/4 times a week and usually I workout for about… 40/45 minutes. But sometimes I don’t make it with my schedule and I only go 2 times. Doesn’t matter, just do what you can do 🙂

  8. Want more tips? Let me know! I’m even thinking about making some work-out and healthy-meal-idea-video’s, would you like that?

Big hug and lots of love, Charissa

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    I love this post and your approach to being happy and healthy in your own mind and body! So true! I love it!
    xx Jenelle

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