Blogger events are very important! But how to get invited for events? If you’re on the press list of PR agencies you will first of all receive a lot of press releases of for example new collections, but there’s also a chance you get invited for fun events, the press days, fashion week or even get send freebies. I receive one or more invites for events weekly, but since it’s mostly in Amsterdam (and I live 2,5 hours by train from Amsterdam) I’m not attending everyone.

But first I’ll tell you about my visit at two press days in Amsterdam. And later on I’ll tell you all about how to get invited.
This Thursday was amazing, the traveling was a little hectic sometimes, but I survived!

On my way to the first of two Press days- events.

I arrived at the first Press day – location and got welcomed with a little pear-juice-drink 🙂 I looked around, saw lots of racks with clothing and got guided around by a lovely lady who told me about the new collections.
From lifestyle products (John Masters Organics for example), nice clothing, lovely shoes,
lingerie and jewellery’s : it was all there. To give you an impression here are some photo’s for you:

Two Pressdays in Amsterdam and how to get invited for Pressdays Two Pressdays in Amsterdam and how to get invited for Pressdays Two Pressdays in Amsterdam and how to get invited for Pressdays, addy van den krommenacker Two Pressdays in Amsterdam and how to get invited for Pressdays, moschino bag

Since it was lunch-time, we eat some pumpkin-soup with dark-brown bread, very tasty. It was fun to meet other bloggers and people from the PR-agency I’d been talking to, but never had seen before. After saying goodbye to everyone, I got a goodiebag with cute jewelry, a scarf and more.

Up to the second press day – event!

The next tram was drama; it went in the wrong direction, I had to go back for half an hour. I was in the tram, constantly looking at the sign to see if I was going in the right direction. A guy in the tram mistook this for seeking eye contact(even thought I was flirting). When I got of the tram, the same guy followed me, then stopped me and wanted to have a coffee with me sometime…
I kindly refused.

get invited for Pressdays get invited for Pressdays Two Pressdays in Amsterdam and how to get invited for Pressdays get invited for Pressdays, juice brothers
The second PR-agency was all-so beautifully furnished. I got a sugar free bite and healthy juice from the Juice Brothers and got guided around in the building.
The rack with couture-clothing caught my eye and the designer was in the house: Sepehr Maghsoudi.
I tried some of his size-zero creations( OMG I fit in) and had a lovely chat with him. I think I’m in love with the last one, what about you?

get invited

Me and Sepehr Maghsoudi, designer.

get invited for Pressdays, sepehr maghsoudi  get invited 

We toasted on the day,

get invited for events and my two pressdays in Amsterdam

Having a drink to a lovely day, cheers!

I got some more juices for on the way home and got a huge goodiebag,
this day was great.

Tips: get invited for Press days and other events:

>Make sure that your website layout looks professional and clean
>Post high-quality content and try to maintain this
>Dare: people won’t come to you, so you have to contact them
>Than send an e-mail to the PR-agencies and ask if you can get on their press-list;
for example MooiPR and Luxury4LifePR
>Have patience, maybe your blog needs to grow some more before you get accepted by PR agencies
>If your blog is big enough and the PR-agencies like you and your website, they will put you on their list. If you’re lucky, you might get some products and get invited for their press days and events!

These were my tips of how to get invited, hope their useful. Let me know if your progressing in bloggersland!