Get rid of shiny skin

Get rid of shiny skin and radiate

♥ I sometimes have breakouts and my skin gets a little oily during the day. Though I’ve also found some things that help reducing the “shinyness” so you can get rid of shiny skin and radiate

Difficult skin

Today I’m going to “talk” about something, that a lot of you guys have asked me:
how to get rid of shiny skin ?
I’ve told you before, but I’ve got really difficult skin. I sometimes have breakouts and my skin gets a little oily during the day. Though I’ve also found some things that help reducing the “shinyness”, so I’d like to share that with you today.

Unfortunately, if you have an overproduction of oil, there’s not much you can do about it. The amount of ‘oiliness’ is genetically predetermined. What you can do however, is change some things in your beauty regime to keep it more under control and get rid of shiny skin .

Do I have oily skin?

When you have oily/shiny skin, you may think you need to use products that claim to reduce oil. But you’ll see: it will remove oil for a short time and then it comes right back. But why? Well… When you have oily skin, your skin actually wants to “tell” you that it needs some hydration and that it’s.. dry. Not oily.

It’s really contradictory, but what you need to do is: buy a cleanser and cream for dry skin (a rich and hydrating one, I’d take one without oil). By using products that claim to reduce it: your skin gets irritated, more dry ánd will make your skin even shinier!

So: avoid products for oily skin to get rid of shiny skin.
If you have acne skin, you might want to use products that help to reduce that. It’ll also cause some irritation, so again: use a thick and rich cream, and don’t overdo it. Don’t use too much stuff on your face.

The products I like to use are: silver serum from the skinshop (online available), cream from Biodermal or
Yves Rocher

The usual

Drink lots and lots of water! I often forget to drink enough and I definitely see it back in everything: you get less energy, your skin is more dry and you’re more hungry. It’s so easy, just drink 2 liters of water (& tea) a day and you’re good to go.

Also avoid…

Eating lots of pork, cheese, chocolate and sugar (those are the most common trouble makers).
And: avoid oil-stripping products with high alcohol content. These make the skin feel fresh at first, but they are way too agressive!

Some make-up tricks

After you’ve cleaned your face and put on your day cream: pick a primer.
Most primers contain silicone, which isn’t really great for your skin, plus it doesn’t work for my skin. It gets oily anyway, so personally I try to avoid using those products.

What I do like to use is the primer from Oriflame, now I’m not sure if that one contains silicone.. but it looks and feels different from the others: like a thin cream and my skin stays oil-free for about… 4-5 hours (with foundation and mineral powder).

After putting on your (oil-free) foundation (Mac Cosmetics also has oil-free foundations) blot your face with a toilet paper. This way you remove the foundation that lays on top of your face (and what’s too much). After that, use a mineral powder for extra shine-control. Mineral powder is better than any other powder, because it doesn’t clog your pores.

Though… my favorite anti-shine-tip is: use blotting papers! You have them in all sorts and prices, but the ones that I use, are from Essence. (and cost about.. €1,50?)
They are really thin, see-through-papers.

Last but not least

Try not to hate it too much. It’s annoying, especially with making photo’s, but.. it’s human. We’re all humans, with different bodies and different skin. Nobody likes you less about it and… they say you’ll get less wrinkles!

I hope I’ve helped you a little bit with these tips and tricks to get rid of shiny skin .
If you know something else that helps to reduce the shinyness: let me know in a comment below!

xxx Charissa


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