♥ What to do when it’s your B’day? (5th of March) You celebrate!
Girls night out in Amsterdam.. ♥ 

Girls night out in Amsterdam – Where did we go…?

I never went out in Amsterdam, so when it was my Birthday, my friend said: we need to go out in Amsterdam, to celebrate. Two weeks later, our schedules finally matched and we decided to go.

We stayed at Generator Hostels in Amsterdam [remember the party at the Oosterbar?], there was a party going on in the hostel, but we already planned a fancy night out.
Of to ‘Jimmy Woo’ it was.  But first… dinner!

girls night out in amsterdam

I went for a vegan beetroot burger (my favourite) with rucola, Houmous and goat cheese: perfect combo. First I ordered a mixed drink, but it was a bit too strong for me #oops. So I ordered Bitter Lemon to go with it. My friend ordered pasta Carbonara with… a coke.

After dinner, we went back up to our room and the fun of dressing and make up could begin. I always think this is the best part of the evening: putting on a fun music playlist, doing your hair and make-up and having lots of fun together (funny selfies and instastories included)

Unfortunately it was raining super hard when we arrived at Jimmy Woo and of course we didn’t have umbrellas with us this time… The way to get in is also quite funny, especially when you’re not used to it. Let me tell you this: it’s way different than going out in Rotterdam. But… when we finally entered the luxurious Jimmy Woo, It was Party Time! We danced the night away on catchy beats and songs.

After a lovely night out dancing all night, a bed is definitely your best friend. Next morning we got up and made some more pictures. Unfortunately… I burned my face when curling my hair #OUCH! Luckily not showing anymore now, but it definitely did hurt. I went for a casual Parisian-Dutch look and around 14:00 o’clock we had brunch at one of my favourite spots: Corner Bakery [check this article for hotspots in Amsterdam].

Girls night out in Amsterdam , what is your favourite place to go out? XO