GUESS what, I'm a guess lady now

Guess what? I’m a Guess Lady now

I’m a Guess lady now! Guess invited me and other models and “influencers” to come to Basel and meet them at the biggest watch-event: Basel-World.
Read on if you want to know how that went!

[alert_success]Read my Guess project here[/alert_success]Never knew that you could do so much in one day.

Everything from Guess is something I would buy and wear myself. I couldn’t be more happy when they asked me to become a Guess Ambassador / Lady.
The different styles of watches, the detailed, elegant and fun jewelry.. You already know by now, because I’ve already shared it on Facebook and Instagram, but I didn’t have all of the photo’s.

Read on if you want to know how that went!  Here are the photo’s and therefore: the article you’ve been all asking me about

GUESS what, I'm a guess lady now

At 4am my alarm started buzzing and I knew it was time to go to Basel!

As soon as my alarm went of I jumped out of bed all being exited for the day to come. Already packed my things and picked out my outfit, so I didn’t had much to do in the morning.
I was brought to the airport, went to the meeting point and then slowly… everyone from the invited group arrived. We all got to pick a Guess watch we liked and the Guess-fam  was born.

GUESS what, I'm a guess lady now
L-R: John, Mary, Tom, Thyson, Jurjen, Ashlee, me, Marvy


The weather in Switserland was amazing, so I picked the right outfit. Actually I guessed and just loved this outfit, don’t you? We went to Baselworld by taxi and already having so much fun with each-other. When we arrived at Baselworld I couldn’t believe my eyes. So many great brands, such luxury…
Did you know that building those stands, sometimes costs 7 million euros!  Breitling even transported 6000 jellyfish in a beautiful big tank to expose in Basel!

GUESS what, I'm a guess lady now

We went to the Guess-area and got to meet all the lovely and creative souls from Guess. They were all so kind to us and we got spoiled so much…

The new collections are amazing the designs, smartwatches, adjustable straps. Especially the smartwatches were very cool!
You can swipe for a new background and another cool feature is the function to text or call with it.

After lunch, we went upstairs and got some Moët champagne with strawberries & whipped cream and… macarons!  My favourite.
A varied range of Guess watches were shown and we got asked for our opinion.

Four Different Styles

Guess has four different styles for four different occasions and that’s something I lOVE. You have the casual wearnight wear – with extra sparkles and caviar-beadings, sportswear – silicon straps, look and feel, and the work wear. By changing your watch, you can have a different look and feel instantly.

GUESS what, I'm a guess lady now

In the afternoon we got spoiled even more: bags, jewelry, GC (Swiss Guess) chocolates, another watch #luckyluckylucky

We also had some time to visit the city Basel and did photoshoots with the photographer of the day Bete . In the afternoon we went to a cute terrace to chill and have a drink together.

A bit later it was time to go to the airport again. It was a short but very powerful trip and like I said in the beginning of this article: never knew you could do so much in one day. 

GUESS what, I'm a guess lady now
Making boomerangs

GUESS what, I'm a guess lady now GUESS what, I'm a guess lady now GUESS what, I'm a guess lady now GUESS what, I'm a guess lady now GUESS what, I'm a guess lady now GUESS what, I'm a guess lady now

Photography By Bete

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