High tea with Diipa Khosla and Benefit Cosmetics

High tea Diipa Khosla and Benefit Cosmetics

♥ A fabulous high tea, organised by Diipa Khosla and Benefit Cosmetics.
How is it to be a benebabe?  How was the high tea?
Watch the vlog. with me
& the 7 other benebabes and find out… ♥


High tea with Diipa Khosla and Benefit Cosmetics

…And then an interesting e-mail popped up in my mailbox.
If I would like to attend a High-Tea at the Conservatorium Hotel with Diipa Khosla and Benefit Cosmetics. Eh.. yehh?!

When the day was there I went to the hotel, which is absolutely one of my favorites now that I’ve seen it. I arrived and got directed to a separate place upstairs. A table full with Benefit products, teacups and handwritten notes with our names and pictures on it was our welcome. Fab.

At 14:00 o’clock the presentation started and we got to enjoy our yummy bites from the high tea. Because of my intolerance, I got a whole plate just for me (I didn’t mind..).

We learned more about how to get the perfect eyebrows and we heard the career- and love stories of Diipa. I loved every second of it.

High tea with Diipa Khosla and Benefit Cosmetics

…Do you want to giveaway something special? They asked us.
We were wondering what they were talking about.

Then they showed us this huge box filled with Benefit products, worth 400 euro’s !

We all wanted to participate in the give-away, which became a loop-giveaway.
All of us went down by elevator and we made like a thousand pictures of us together for the use of the give-away.

High tea with Diipa Khosla and Benefit Cosmetics
At a certain time we posted the pictures and then.. the fun began and all of you could enter the give-way. (Unfortunately it’s already closed now.. winner has been announced!)

Of course, I took my vlog-camera with me, so watch the video and see it all for yourself!

Spoiler: There was also something with creepy men in the elevator, like.. really creepy. You’ll hear more about it in the vlog.

You can watch the video below, I hope you enjoy it aand give it a thumbs up. And of course I would love it if you subscribe and that way keep in touch.
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