♥ After a long and grey Winter it’s time to look forward to a beautiful summer full of promises and inspiration.
Looking up to the sun, makes me long for warm Summer-nights sitting on a terrace. Sipping wine, having a good conversation with some good friends or sunbathing on a beautiful beach. ♥The year is almost half way gone and all of our good intentions are also half gone.

Today’s article is to help you to hold on to your inspiration the next half of this year.

Here are my tips:

1). Go out into nature more. Take a lovely walk on a beach or in the woods, go into your garden or take your bike for a tour. The space that nature gives you, will help you reflect, clear your head and make it easier to think and dream.

2). Change your sceneryGoing into nature works wonders, but visiting a city or just changing the space where you’re sitting at home, can really help you to get inspiration. It will give you different stimulants and that will give you an other way of looking at things.

3). Listen to different music. Just put on Jazz or Trance or Hard Rock or Opera or Classic music. Different music will give you new and other emotions and that can turn out to be very inspirational.

4). Read inspirational books. Read that book of a subject you always wanted to know more about. Or go to a section in the library where you usually never go. Reading about stuff you didn’t know about before, will inspire you.

5) Work with all your heart.   And by this, I mean when you do something, concentrate on that project completely.  Energy will flow better and positive vibes will appear.

6) Visit people who you admireWhich people inspire you? Who do you like? The people you see and interact with most of your time, they are the ones who will affect you the most. So, choose the people you spend your time with carefully. Your time is precious.

7) Go writing. Just start writing and don’t judge! Write about everything and you’ll see that it’s getting easier and easier as you go along. You’ll get more and more inspired and the ideas will flow!

GUESS what, I'm a guess lady now