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Hoola Benefit Cosmetics – Aloha Benebabe

♥Hoola Benefit Cosmetics: young, fun and flirty. I’m extremely happy, excited and proud to represent this great brand and to tell you I’m a officially a… Benebabe

A few weeks back, I got to meet a super sweet representative of Benefit Cosmetics, who happened to live in the same city! We decided to meet up for a cup of tea and chat about Benefit Cosmetics and its newest ( Hoola ) collections.

hoola benefit cosmetics

Laughter is the Best Cosmetic

Benefit Cosmetics is popular among lots of people; it’s a young, fun and flirty brand. The packages look appealing; they tell funny stories that put a smile on all faces, you can go bold by layering  makeup or natural by keeping it simple. Benefit’s motto: Laughter is the Best Cosmetic. Whatever look you’re going for:  you’re always pretty when you wear a smile.

I’m extremely happy, excited and proud to represent this great brand and to tell you I’m officially a… Benebabe! #partofthefamily. I got a cute goodiebag with some of the most popular Benefit Cosmetic products, let me show you:

hoola benefit cosmetics

Hoola Matte Bronzer: the beach in a box
A pure matte color…no sparkle or shine. It’s you, hoola matte bronzer and a Sun-kissed glow. Also great for contouring.

hoola benefit cosmetics_(15)

Hoola zero tanlines body bronzer: a beachy tan in a tube. Smooth, non-sticky body bronzer, hands free and super easy to blend. Beachin’ bonus: the 12-hour hoola zero tanlines formula stays on, even when your clothes come off.

Dew the hoola liquid bronzer:  A soft-matte finish, blends seamlessly and has the delcious signature hoola-la! scent.

hoola benefit cosmetics

Pores…now you see ‘em, poof now you don’t!

The POREfessional face primer: contains vitamin E and is oilfree. A perfect base to hide those pores and make your makeup long lasting.

hoola benefit cosmetics

They’re real! tinted primer

Wear “they’re real! tinted primer” with “they’re real! mascara” to boost length to your lashes. Both water resistant, so whoever or whatever makes you cry or soppy: there two are your partners in P(C)rime.

hoola benefit cosmetics

They’re Real ! Lengthening Mascara: lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts and separates

All products available on the website:

Netherlands – Douglas
International – Benefit Cosmetics

Upcoming Wednesday I’ll post a Valentine’s Look, featuring most of these products, so you can see what great products they are! Stay tuned…


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