How to be Parisian

How to be Parisian – about wine and dining in Paris,
how to stay skinny, traffic and other secrets…

How to be Parisian


Traffic – Red means dead, green can still mean dead.

I’ll explain: so red light means you do not cross the street, because the cars drive superfast, don’t risk your life here. Green light can mean the same sometimes, because a lot of French drivers don’t feel the need to stop, even though the light is red. How to be Parisian : Always keep your eyes wide open in traffic, just a little reminder.

Wine and dine

Let’s be honest here, you’re in Europe’s (one of the most beautiful) city PARIS. A great and romantic city, which isn’t cheap.. at all. The more beautiful the neighbourhood, the more expensive it gets (of course). The same for touristic attractions. But what better way to have dinner than with a view très très magnifique?

What we did is:

We bought two bagels with salmon at the local supermarket, together with a small bottle of delicious French wine and a crème bruleé as dessert. Then we walked to the Eiffel tower (the side where you can buy your tickets). We crossed over (looking twice to be sure cause red is dead and green can mean the same), and after 15 minutes because of the busy traffic, we found ourselves sitting on a wooden stool with a fantastic view. At 9 o’clock, we saw the Eiffel Tower blinking and flashing. Totally recommend it. In the afternoon you could do the same by the way, it will be less crowded. 

How to be Parisian

How to be Parisian

Driving them crazy

About How to be Parisian. With a pair of heels and a good-looking outfit you’ll get those heads turning baby! Totally different then from where I come from, the men in France will give you attention. Lots of it.

How to be Parisian How to be Parisian

French people love conversations

Okay, not everyone will. But a lot of French just love to chit chat a little. We were on the bus, when this chique -and cute-looking old lady stepped in. We smiled at her and she started talking. She even wanted our address so she could send us a card with Christmas. HOW CUTE?! Sometimes I read about French people being rude… didn’t experience that in Paris these days. At all.

How to be Parisian

How to stay skinny

And How to be Parisian and stay skinny? French love wine and dining. It’s not just about the food. It’s about the event itself. Being with nice people, enjoying and talking. The thing is, they don’t eat a lot. Small portions, divided over the day. Plus, they don’t stress about it, they just enjoy. Healthy options in restaurants are of course fish, salad or soup. Some skinny French girls didn’t eat the bread, but just had some veggies and fish. With a glass of white wine. Oh, and walk a lot. When you take the metro, you’ll walk a lot, I’ll promise you that (lots of stairs)

How to be Parisian

Wear a signature item

I read this in the book: “how to be Parisian”. They said you should have one item you should invest in, to wear as a signature item. Not to poshy, but something classic, timeless and totally you. It’s why I really wanted to treat myself on a designer bag when I was in Paris. I bought a MIU MIU, my first Miu Miu. I’m so happy and it does feel like a signature item to me. Of course, it’s a lot of money and some people won’t get why you’d spend so much money on a bag. But… it’s timeless and will be full of memories. Wherever you go and whatever you experience, you’ll take your bag with you and you’ll think back of them whenever you carry it around ♥

How to be Parisian

How to be ParisianI could go on and on, but these are some pointers to start with 😉 Maybe I’ll find myself working in Paris next year, if so… I’ll share more now and then.
Speak to you soon goldies <3 big hug, charissa


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    Nice Blog. Its amazing and stylish in fashion dresses. Such a fabulous and Perfect Outfit. I like this Blog.

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    Ohhh the bag is gorgeous!! I have never seen it before, excellent choice. This is so cute, too, I love Paris, and agree, to keep the costs down, when we are there we mix up a sit down dinner at a restaurant with buying cheese, wine, fruit and bread and have a picnic. And, yes, watch out for the traffic!
    xx Jenelle

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    Stunning outfits! I have also found that Parisians are lovely. Especially if you are able to speak decent French.

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