Hoxton Hotel in Paris

Hoxton Hotel in Paris

Hoxton Hotel in Paris – After four years, Rue du Sentier has got herself a new treasure: the Hoxton! It’s the biggest Hoxton, 172 rooms and I’ll tell you what I think


After four years in the making, The Hoxton hotel in Paris just opened her doors and I was the lucky one to try it out myself, during my stay in Paris. Man oh man, what a great hotel. If you walk into Rue du Sentier in the 2nd arrondissement, crossing the cosy boulangeries, hearing the sounds of the romantic language around you, you’ll see the Hoxton hotel on your left. The ambiance is chique, but comfortable and also feels like.. home. I LOVE the décor, the retro vibes, comfortable chairs, warm atmospherish lights everywhere, French & Scandinavian colors, it really gave me inspiration for my own home.


Hoxton Hotel in Paris

Hoxton Hotel in Paris

Every single corner had its own charm and I must admit it was hard not to make pictures of everything.. so we did take pictures of everything. Everytime I walked into the Hoxton I saw new details. And when we entered the restaurant or bar, I immediately felt the need to join as well. The ting ting sounds of whine glasses and fun conversations around you..

The Hoxton hotel in Paris is the biggest (and certainly the grandest!) Hoxton yet,  featuring 172 rooms, two courtyards, Rivié restaurant, Jacques’ Bar and a beautiful lobby with an original 18th century spiral staircase and mezzanine.

Hoxton Hotel in Paris Hoxton Hotel in Paris Hoxton Hotel in Paris Hoxton Hotel in Paris

The restaurant and bar are a HUGE must-go if you ask me. The food & wine are delicious, a bit pricy but totally worth it. Fun thing? It’s loved by locals also, which is a good sign. Around 1 pm, it’s crowded with French people, so if you go by 12 am you’ll know for sure you’ll have a table. You’ll totally feel like a Parisian there. Order a vin du Rhône Blanc (my favorite white whine there) and enjoy. Try to listen, breathe in the moment, so that you won’t forget it. We are so busy always, making pictures, connecting with everyone on social media.. Just close your eyes for a second and really enjoy the moment. Around… 7/8 the courtyard is filled with people, laughing and talking, while sipping their wine and enjoying some French cheeses.

Hoxton Hotel in Paris Hoxton Hotel in Paris

And the room? Also très très bien. The details are amazing, the bed is super soft… If I could’ve picked it up, I would! I slept like an angel. Also the view was great, looking out on the courtyard and seeing typical French houses on the other side. We also found a secret place with a library full with French books, I snooped around like a happy kid haha.

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Want to go to Paris and still looking for a place to stay? I’d really recommend the Hoxton hotel in Paris.



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