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InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam

Invited by Mr Goodiebag to have a luxurious dinner at the InterContinental Amstel Hotel. If I wanted to join? Let me think… YES I DO! I’ll tell you everything about this magical evening.

The intercontinental Amsterdam hotel in Amsterdam. I mean, this hotel is a dream, but for real. When you enter you get welcomed by the staff immediately. One guy was a bit impressed by my Golden mules I suppose (can’t blame him, they were gorgeous), and forgot to help me with my suitcase on the stairs… small detail haha. The rest was awesome.

InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam
This man was such a sweetheart, and not the guy with the stairs by the way 🙂

When you arrive inside, every single corner is a piece of art. You see the stairs with a beautiful golden clockpiece, left and right amazing Baroque-like statues and of course the marble floor.

InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam

I was invited by Mister Goodiebag for a dinner in one of the Amstel Hotel suites

The evening was magical, everbody was dressed in cocktail clothing and we tasted amazing food. The wine was also to die for (ok not for real of course). I don’t know why, but one week before I went to Paris, my taste for wine changed somehow. I know what kinds of wine I like and I must say, I loved all of them this evening. Unfortunately I had to drive back home, so I could only take a few sips.

Inbetween the courses we, of course, made some pictures again. I think in Instagram pictures, so everything I see is already a picture in my head. When you’re in the Intercontinental Amstel hotel, everything is a picture, so everything has to be captured. You probably know what I mean haha, or you don’t and you just think I’m crazy LOL.

Have you ever been in the Intercontinental Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam?



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