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Lady behind blog

Lady behind Blog

Meet Charissa Lady Behind Blog: Chief, founder and editor of Charissa loves life.
For her a happy life equals: food, fitness, travel, beauty and fashion. She noticed a lot of foreign Bloggers writing about their fit-journey, in combination with the above. But not in the Netherlands.
This in combination with her personal stories, tips and advice, makes unique & one of a kind.

She loves food and good company, but also likes to look good in Fashionable outfits, while having an athletic and fit (+preferably) cellulite-free body.  But how does she do that? Balance is key!

Personal Stories

She’s an adventurous spirit who shares her personal stories about life, interesting people she met.
Inspiring, cute spots she discovered, delicious (fast and easy) recipes, (acne-)skincare, make-up tricks (the way she does it).
About her beloved- and famous- curly hair, her fitness journey, travels  and more.

… Did you know this?

She Suffered from acne for years . Through her blog, she wants to help people with the same problem.

Read her story.

She has worked with global enterprises including

Asos, Ivy Revel, Salon B, Guess, Mercedes Benz, Amsterdam Fashionweek. SuperDry Global, Benefit Cosmetics , Estée Lauder, Clinique, Hunkemöller, Paul’s Boutique, Brandfield, Tommy Hilfiger. Thunder Sports, TheBagstore, One Piece, Esprit, CitizenM, Oriflame, Ecco, L’Eternel. Body&Fit, Skinny Mint, Nhow Hotel Rotterdam, Generator Hostels, Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen and many more.

The launch of Lady Goldapple;

The Founder, Charissa Goldapple, did a training on web-design and in November 2014 she Launched her Personal Lifestyle Blog “Lady”.
Further More, she’s an Ambassador for Guess, NYX Cosmetics and Hunkemöller. And works as Editor for the Magazine Beau Monde. Also she has her own PR agency and gives workshops.

Lady Behind blog 2

Her Dream

At this point she’s studying Communication, a study with a very wide range of subjects like copy writing, photography and event planning. Eventually her dream is to start her own successful PR agency. This way she fulfils her dreams and stays true to her passions. One of these dreams already started, she has her own PR-consultant agency; Goldapple-PR.

…And her goal
To inspire you and Become the most happy, healthy & confident, best version of you!

Love and Kisses,

Charissa and the GoldapplePR Team

She’s a freelance writer and definitely open to sponsorships or collaborations of any kind, as long as they are of interest to both herself and her readers. This could vary on a case to case basis, from editorials dedicated to text links. Please contact us for more information on how we might collaborate and we’ll send you Lady Goldapple’s media kit!

All photos on her website are made by herself or her photographer (unless stated otherwise), protected by copyright. Using them is no problem as long as they are for non-commercial purposes and you link back to For Commercial Purposes it’s forbidden to use them without prior consent.

The main topics you can find on this blog are Lifestyle (including Fashion and Beauty), Fitness, Food and Travel. We’re looking forward to work with you and make some amazing content together. Now you know more about the Lady behind blog!