pyjamas to the beach

LingaDore Pyjama’s to the Beach

♥ LingaDore Pyjamas to the Beach + A Dream come true

I’ve been blogging for only half a year now. I’ve already accomplished só much and I’m super grateful for that: for all of you who are reading my blog. Whether you leave a comment or not: thank you!
Thanks for my growing blog,

I’ve been able to collaborate with some super cool brands. Like Oriflame, Paul’s Boutique, Skinny Mint, Think Imaginary, Sudio, QueMondo, and so on. One of my biggest dreams was to get invited for Fashion Week shows and you know what? That dream has come true. I’ve been invited for a lot of fashion shows this year! I even had to choose which ones I liked best. And of course which ones fitted my schedule. Today is the big day: I’ve got invited for two Fashion Shows at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I’m not going to tell you which ones I’ll be visiting, you’ll have to check my Instagram and detailed-article on Monday to find out… 😉  !

So on Monday I’ll tell you all about my make-up and outfit I’m wearing today. My fashion-week-outfit and of course about the shows.
Plus: Monday will also be super cool. Then I’ll be visiting another show and I’m going to look at the new collection from ….
Nope, I’m not going to tell you yet #sorrynotsorry.
Super fun events and I literally can’t wait to tell you all about it and show you all the pictures 🙂
fun fact: when you’re reading this, I’m probably applying my winged-eyeliner, focus!


The outfit I’m wearing on the pictures down below are from Lingadore. This brand is known for her affordable luxury lingerie. The styles have a great fitting and are made of high-quality materials. So every woman is able to find something of her desire. The photo’s are taken on -and by- the beach in Scheveningen. The funny thing is that I thought it would be warm that day, turned out it wasn’t #COLD
But after a little while you don’t notice the cold any more -it sounds worse than it actually was, I mean.. I’m still alive haha-

Wearing Lingadore Pyjamas to the Beach

The outfit is from the Night collection… Wait, so you were wearing pyjamas to the BEACH?!
Yes I did!
The great thing about this collection is that it’s wearable for multiple occasions. A day out to the beach. Or… to your friends…ánd you’ll look like a (sleeping) beauty if you wear this out at night. I absolutely love these items. They’re made of really soft and flowy materials. Different beautiful colours. So they are beautiful, fashionable and comfortable, could you wish for anything else?

Some information about the sizing

Note: At first I ordered the clothing in my normal size, which is : 36/S/75B* (for the Bikini’s). However the fit of the clothing is a little small, so I’d advice you to order a size bigger than you’d normally wear. I did the same. Which in this case is: 38/M/80C*  for the bikini’s. Also because of the push-up effect in the bikini-top, so just take one size bigger.

I’m wearing:

Bag – Fossil
Jewellery – Vintage
CHAVI, Hooded Top – LingaDore
CHAVI, Jogging Shorts – LingaDore
Shoes – Van Haren

What do you think of this outfit?

xxx Charissa

LingaDore | Wearing Pyjama's to the Beach + Dream come true  LingaDore | Wearing Pyjama's to the Beach + Dream come true
pyjamas to the beach
LingaDore pyjamas to the beach
Wearing Pyjamas to the Beach + Dream come true
LingaDore  Wearing Pyjamas to the Beach + Dream come true
LingaDore | Wearing Pyjama's to the Beach + Dream come true
LingaDore pyjamas to the beach


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