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Spice up your Karma – Lulus for Karma

♥ Spice up your Karma with Lulus for Karma.
Help someone else FOR FREE. How that works? I’m explaining it all to you! ♥

Lulus for Karma

spice up your Karma with Lulus for Karma. Buy a super stylish shirt, bag or laptop sleeve
ánd help someone else FOR FREE. How that works? I’m explaining it all to you!

lulus for karma

Let me tell you about Lulus for Karma

Hey lovelies, how are you starting this week? Remember: everything you give, will come back to you.  That is how the universe works, right. So when you’re working hard and sweating on your essay right now (as I’ll do at 10:00 am), we come through with flying colours. And if you didn’t work that hard.. well, then maybe.. you’re lucky and if not, you know what the reason is.

As you know I’m quite Insta-addicted. I love strolling around all sorts of accounts and I always click through when I see a funny username or beautiful picture. So that’s what I did with the lulus for Karma page. I bumped into their Instagram account, which looked super pretty and I found out about their purpose and goals.

lulus for karma
‘While shopping, you will support this charity’


Lulus for Karma is founded by the two Dutch ladies “Jacqueline Kolff and Sara Brouwers”. They started designing super cute shirts and selling them. The proceeds however, don’t go to the ladies. They wanted to mean something to someone else, so they decided to help Dutch women who struggle financially. Financial Struggle isn’t something  you might think of immediately when you hear of the Netherlands.
But, there are só many people especially when they have children, who can’t even buy food at the end of the month….

lulus for karma

Lulu Box

They’ve come up with the Lulu Box, which they give to all those women who struggle financially.
The Lulu Box, is a box filled with hygiene products for women, who can’t afford these kind of products. When the ladies of ‘Lulus for Karma’, earned enough to fill the boxes, they go to the “Voedselbank” (literally: food bank, which is a place where people can get a box filled with basic food and things to survive the month.)

lulus for karma

Forgotten by the Dutch government

I LOVE Lulus for Karma, especially because they do something for people in the Netherlands. For women who usually get forgotten by the Dutch government somehow. The collection contains: Shirts, bags, laptop sleeves and new a planner.

The products

The shirts are made of 100% modal, a super soft fabric. They’re produced under the code of conduct from “Fair Wear Foundation”. So when buying this shirt, you’re not only giving yourself a super cute shirt… you’re also helping someone else. Small note: I’m wearing size M, which is a bit too big for me. So when you have a size S/M: order size S. When you have size L/XL: wear size M 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Spice up that Karma and buy one of  ‘lulus for Karma’ super cute shirts!
Or their bag, laptop sleeve or planner .

lulus for karma

*NOTE: I didn’t get paid for this review. It’s just something I wanted to talk about, since I really love their purpose ♥


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