♥ Last weekend was the time again: MBFW – Amsterdam Fashionweek 2017! Want to know about the ins and outs of this fabulous event? Check it out….♥

Amsterdam Fashionweek 2017

Amsterdam Fashionweek 2017Hi Loves! Last weekend it was that time of the year again: Amsterdam Fashionweek 2017 [What do you think of previous year?]. The fabulous, booming and very hectic period, where designers show their newest collections with pride. While walking down the red carpet, I immediately spotted some familiar faces. Like Shradda (babe on the left) and we went to some shows together and enjoyed the evening while taking tons of selfies, GIF’s, instastorie-snaps and more.


The first show this year was called “Given”. Dancers turned the show into a real spectacular event and made everyone clap their hands and feeling bouncy. Both women’s wear as menswear were exposed and showed some really great items. We saw a very wearable collection, with classy and well-fitted jeans, pencil skirts and ruffles. Especially the hair I LOVED (braided at the back, but in a very special way. Hope I’ll manage to do it myself, so I can show it to you)

Anbasja Blanken

She came up with an amazing evening collection, with dresses and outfits that are absolutely elegant and stunning. They make you want to dance with Princes in castles, while sipping Cava and nibbling caviar. Oh well..

‘Spijkers en Spijkers’

Their show delighted us with another amazing collection. They ended Saturday with a BIG BANG, because Timor Steffens [known from dancing with Michael Jackson] popped up. It exploded into this huge party and the audience went nuts, all danced while sipping Champagne.

Amsterdam Fashionweek 2017

The next day I went for a chique jet sporty look. While I was waiting for the next show to start, Sweetheart Maik de Boer wanted to take a fashionable selfie with Luana and me. So, standing in front of the window with a chandelier on the background, because the light was best here 😉 On the photo above the result. How do you like his beard? Don’t you think it looks fab! Always on fleek 🙂

Amsterdam Fashionweek 2017 Amsterdam Fashionweek 2017

Couldn’t resist making a few selfies in my hostelroom, haha

Amsterdam Fashionweek 2017 Amsterdam Fashionweek 2017

Ice Skating!! When you’re in Amsterdam, visit the Museumplein and go there. Even if it’s just for taking some beautiful pictures 😉Amsterdam Fashionweek 2017

Went to Blogger paradise; “Corner Bakery”. When I say blogger paradise, I really mean Blogger Paradise. We had to wait for 20 minutes outside, while freezing, sitting on faux furs and with a cup of mint tea. Well, It was worth it though… I ordered American pancakes with fruit and maple syrup and we shared the banana milkshake. Everyone who was eating there, first took pictures and some even ordered móre just to take pictures of it. A little ridiculous. But for me I’ll definitely will be coming back!Amsterdam Fashionweek 2017

Are you attending shows at Fashionweek 2017 this year? And have you visited a Fashionweek 2017?  XO