Tried and tested: miha bodytec

Miha Bodytec | Tried and Tested by Lady Goldapple

♥ Miha Bodytec : Something with an Armor, powerful electronics on your body and SUPER fast results

Hey guys!

Previous week, I announced on my Instagram-account, that I was going to do something really exciting, that even scared me a little bit. Today’s the day I’ll tell you all about it…

I’m training for quite a while at Easyfit now, and my Personal trainer asked me if I was in for a training with the “ Miha Bodytec ”.

I was a little sceptical at first, because I didn’t know what it was, how it worked and if it would be something for me. Then I searched on the internet a bit, saw Sylvie Meis posted a photo on Instagram trying the Miha Bodytec, watched the Dutch TV-show “Chantal blijft slapen” where Chantal tried it too,  and … that scared me even more! Haha. At least, the promised muscle pain and suit did. But I was also really curious and thought it would be fun to show you, so I went for it.

Tried and tested: miha bodytec

Miha Bodytec

Good to know: you’re wearing a bodysuit, which contains a top and bottom part. The pieces of the Armor have to be wet. This is for optimal conduction, and you’re not allowed to wear anything but panties only. Luckily I knew this before, so I wore the bottom part of a bikini.
Now you know it too, so you can do the same if you’re going to try the Miha Bodytec yourself 😉

When I changed my clothes and wore the bodysuit, I went upstairs and entered the room…
My trainer showed me all the parts of the Armor, we tested which size fitted best, then he connected all the wires and finally he connected me to the “machine”.

Tried and tested: miha bodytec

At first I had to get used to the electric pulses and he made me feel different settings of power. When I said I was ready, we started the training….

Curious about my training with the Miha Bodytec ? I’ve made a video about it, so make sure to watch it! If you can’t see the video, click here.


In the beginning, it feels like someone gently touches you. When you add power, it feels like an arm that’s sleeping, but then over your whole body. After a few seconds, you feel your muscles tighten super hard. A really weird feeling, but super cool to experience!

Tried and tested: miha bodytec

As you can see in the video, I had to do different exercises, which were all about movements and tightening your muscles. You saw a bar with dots and blue lights at first, which meant: break. When the last two “dots” became red you had to be in the right position and tighten everything. Then it turned green and you felt the power for four seconds. So só hard! My trainer also turned up the power a few times, so I definitely felt my body working haha.


The training only takes 20 minutes, your heartbeat doesn’t increase that much , you won’t get super sweaty or tired and the training is 8 times as effective as a normal workout.

At the end I felt normal, but now I’m showered and typing this article, I already start feeling my arms, back, core.. everything. Also, I’m super curious how I’ll feel tomorrow. I’ll write it down.

Tried and tested: miha bodytec


Ok I have muscle pain haha, I’m not gonna lie. I’m really curious how I’d/my body would look if I’d do this every week, because I think you’ll get result really fast!

Don’t do this if you:
♥ Are younger than Sixteen
♥ Have a (heart)disease (ask your doctor first)
♥ Are pregnant
♥ Not sure about your health and physical condition of your body (ask your doctor and trainer first)

♥ To have a good meal before the training ; lots of proteins, I’ll write an article about the right  “exercise”-food soon!
♥ Not to wear anything but panties underneath the body suit
♥ To bring a towel, so that you can dry yourself afterwards


♥ Not to train for at least two days, depending on how I feel
♥ To keep moving, so that I don’t become “stiff”
♥ To drink lots and lots of water, to stay hydrated.

It was super exciting to experience the Miha Bodytec and to be able to show it to you and tell you how it works.


If you have any questions: feel free to ask me in a comment down below (or e-mail:



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    You’re welcome! It’s not scary at all honestly. The feeling is a little weird, and you do get muscle pain afterwards, but that’s usual. It’s not about building super big muscles actually.. By gaining more muscles (not particularly big ones) you burn fat much faster! And with the Miha Bodytec, you can choose where you want to gain muscles and burn fat! 🙂 X

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    Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

    I’ve heard about Bodytec before but I’ve been a bit too scared to try it,to be honest. I usually run every day and do some excercise but this seems like a big muscle builder.
    Anyway,I hope you enjoyed your workout 🙂

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    Whow dat ziet er stoer uit. En als het ook nog werkt. Dan hoef je niet o vaak te trainen met veel resultaat! Klinkt super, x Mia

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