♥ These Keune sprays will give your hair more volume , so that yóú look even more gorgeous!


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Hello there, gorgeous readers of mine!

Maybe you recognize this: just before you go to bed, your hair looks amazing. Beautiful curls, no frizz, big hair and lots and lots of volume. The next day you wake up (and wash your hair) it’s nothing like that. At all. But I kind of found a solution!

These Keune sprays will give your hair more volume, so that yóú look even more gorgeous!
You know what they say… if your hair looks good, you look good.

Professional hairstylists and hairdresseres from all around the world, work with the styling-products from Keune. I know why, really. When you’ve tried these hairsprays for more volume, you don’t know what’s not to love about it. The first one is:

Keune Blend Volume Finish

The smell is absolutely ba-na-nas AKA amazing. When you’ve blowdried, curled or styled your hair and want your hair to stay beautiful the whole day: use this volume finish for more volume ánd shine. When my hair is dry (curled, dried with the diffuser of by air) I put my head towards the ground and I spray it between my locks. When I get up, I use my hands to squeeze my curls and get even more volume. You’ll see that your hair has instantly become bigger and shinier. I absolutely love it, because normally you have to use different sprays. One for shine, one for “holding” and one for volume.

The second one I want to talk about, is for when you don’t want to wash your hair. Or.. because your roommate is taking a shower for 2 hours and you don’t have the time to wait that long. What to do? Well, there are multiple things you can do. Braid your hair (fishtail, french braid, dutch braid, etc.), put your hair in a ponytail (up and high/or low), make a messy bun… Or use dry-shampoo. No water and no shampoo needed. Only some *spsj*’s and boom. You’ll have clean hair again. With volume. Because that’s where this article is all about 😉

Keune Blend Volume Instant Refreshing

This is the smallest bottle you see on the photo. What you need to do is: spray this dry-shampoo on the roots of your hair that look greasy. Then wait for 2 minutes and comb your hair (or let it the way it is and use your fingers to model your hair). This has a slightly different smell, but is also really nice.

What do you do or use to get more volume? And have you ever tried the products from Keune before?

xxx Charissa