One Piece Onesie

One Piece Onesie Totally in love with it

♥ It’s Autumn ! Huray! Time for a One Piece Onesie


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Maybe you’re craving for Summer again, but let me tell you a little secret. Autumn is actually one of the coziest seasons in the year. Imagine yourself sitting on the couch with nice fluffy cushions in your back, it’s pouring rain outside which makes a loud noise on your windows.

You’ve just walked outside with your dogs (or … came home from college or work), your super wet and cold and then… You can relax, put on your PJ’s or one of your super cute comfy onesies like this One Piece Onesie and sit down on the couch.

You realize that you haven’t read the newest book from your favorite author yet, which is laying on the table right next to you. You start reading about this cute couple, whom are soulmates and finally found eachother. Just about when everything seems to go perfect, things go wrong .

They have to hide in the snow for someone who wants to shoot them and then… You realize that you ALSO have chocolate milk and some delicious Dutch yumminess called: Speculaas filled with almond paste (in your fridge! You stand up, take a little pan to warm you chocolatemilk in and when it starts to boil… You fill your cute choco-mug with all this goodness and put some whipped cream on top (maybe also some cacao or cinnamon).
Time to enjoy all of this deliciousness and read further in your book……

Ehrm.. Who said Autumn sucked? Not me!

Oh and about the Onesie I mentioned: I’ve also made a fun little outfit-video for you!
I never thought I would be wearing a onesie, like ever. But really, One Piece Onesie feels SO good to put that thing on. Especially after a long and hectic day. It’s fluffy, warm and I feel like cosy teddybear haha.

The onesie is from the brand “One Piece“, founded by three Norwegians in their twenties. They wanted everything that fashion wasn’t, eight years ago. They had no interest in gender appropriation or seasonal colors and had nothing to do with the fashion industry.

Thomas Adams – Co Founder
“We see comfort as empowering. In fact, we strongly believe that comfort brings confidence. Thus, that comfort is a major cornerstone to most achievements.”

The onesie is “invented”, by sewing a sweatshirt and sweatpants together. That’s how the original onesie was born. One Piece is súper wanted and gets worn by many celebrities. Such as: Ariana Grande, Cara Delevigne, Taylor Swift, Gigi Haddid and Cody Simpson.

Once again, I’ve changed my mind. I’m in love with my One Piece Onesie and I can’t imagine me living my life without it 😉

I was wearing:
> The Twisty Onesie in Grey Melange

> Navy Green Converse


One Piece OnesieOne Piece OnesieOne Piece Onesie

One Piece OnesieOne Piece Onesie

What do you like most about Autumn?

xxx Charissa


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