♥ Oriflame Tenderly Promise –  a “Royal Fragrance”; designed by Princess Madeleine from Sweden…

A while ago I wrote an article about Oriflame  make-up. And I’m very much in love with this brand.
I came in contact with Oriflame through my mom. She went to a party at a friends house and gave me the Tender care Protecting Balm afterwards.  They even call this ‘the wonder-pot’: You can juice it for all kind of skin-problems.
Oriflame has a nice concept, you can order a free party through a consultant. She comes to your home and entertains you and your guests by demonstrating all make-up articles from Oriflame. Ordering is not necessary.
But you’ll have a great evening with your friends! And I’m sure you’ll order, maybe this is a Suggestion:

Oriflame Tenderly Promise

Tenderly Promise is their new fragrance. It is launched by Oriflame in a collaboration with the World Childhood Foundation, represented by Princess Madeleine from Sweden. The company donates 1 euro to the World Childhood Foundation, for every sold fragrance !
Thanks to these donations, abused and neglected children get helped. So they get a healthier and happier childhood; full of dreams and promises for a better future.

Why create a fragrance to support the foundation?
Oriflame is Co-Founder of the World Childhood Foundation. A fragrance was the most logical choice to show their support. A fragrance creates a strong emotional connection with the foundation.

 a Royal Fragrance designed by Princess Madeleine from Sweden...

The inspiration
was the idea of an innocent moment of childhood. Carefree children who’re running through lovely smelling flower fields, right into the arms of their loving mommy. Unfortunately A moment some children can’t even dream of…

How does it smell

Top –  Lemon, Peach Blossom and Pink Pepper, they symbolize a child’s youthfulness
Heart – White Lily, Lily of the Valley and Peony, they symbolize the feminine sophistication
Base – Sandalwood and Musk
The Oriflame Tenderly Promise symbolizes the promise of unconditional love.

This bottle is by far one of the most beautiful bottles I’ve ever seen ! The pink/purple heart is cut inside of the bottle and the colors look really great together.

and remember!
By doing yourself (or somebody else) a favor, you’re supporting all the children in need.