Paul's Boutique exclusive bag

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♥ When I get enthusiastic about something, I just want to do everything with or about it.
Same for this official Paul’s Boutique brand!

About Paul’s Boutique ,
Hi lovelies!

Hope you’re all doing fine. This week was an exciting one for me. Tuesday, I told you about the Paul’s Boutique  Bloggers Exclusive Style event .  I’m still full and excited about this pretty PB-bag. I carry it with me everywhere I go, ever since I got it.
Today I’ll show you some pictures I shot with this true beauty!

Pauls Boutique exclusive bag  Paul's Boutique exclusive bag

I’m happy to be an ambassador of Paul’s Boutique

I would like to introduce this totally a-ma-zing brand to you, which I discovered a while ago. It’s called Paul’s Boutique which is a British brand with the latest must-haves. We decided to do a collaboration and I’m so incredibly happy about that! They just have so many great items, so I’d love to promote it every way I can. When I get enthusiastic about something, I just want to do everything with or about it.
Same for this official Paul’s Boutique brand!

Paul Slade is the creative director and founded Paul’s Boutique in 2000, in London. It quickly became a wanted brand, since it was seen on the arm of many fashion influencers and celebs.  Such as…  Paris Hilton, Cher Lloyd, Pippa Middleton and Rita Ora.  Since a year, Paul’s Boutique is also available in the Netherlands, yeey! You can even see it in the soap “Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden”, which is featured on Dutch television.

Paul's Boutique exclusive bag

“Yeah, u-huh, you know what it is… Grey and Yellow, grey and yellow, grey and…”

The Paul’s Boutique Bag is made of grey leather, my favorite material , with neon yellow details and a marine-striped-inside. It’s the perfect size, because you can stuff all your things in there. Grey matches every outfit and it’s the perfect combination of casual, chic or sporty. Absolutely love it! Plus it’s exactly what I needed, since my weekend-bag, sometimes isn’t suitable for “a day out in town”.

Paul's Boutique exclusive bag

Paul's Boutique exclusive bag

The thing about this bag, is that it was specially designed for us Bloggers! However… YOU, yes YOU, can also be the future owner of this lady PB-bag!

If you read the Paul’s Boutique Facebook page, you’ll find all information of where to buy it yourself.
There will be a limited amount of these bags available in just a few stores 🙂 so hurry…

 PB5 Paul's Boutique exclusive bag

Chic and Dynamic

There was something about the location of this shoot…. and because it’s one of my favorite cities in the Netherlands.
Rotterdam is dynamic, young, innovative and super exciting… We chose this particular location because you could see the Cruise Terminal on the background.
What a huge ship!
I’ve never seen Rotterdam being só crowded with sight-seeing buses, full of tourists, haha. On the first two pictures, you can see the ship the clearest. Cruises and cruise ships in general, represent a certain chicness, which fits the style of this bag perfectly. It’s a true it-bag for every woman.

Paul's Boutique exclusive bag
The Cruise Terminal ship isn’t in the Netherlands that often, so I’m glad we we’re able to catch it on picture.
It was a great day, the sun was shining, people were smiling, the place where we shot photo’s was perfect…and I had my bag…
I think this bag is the little luck I needed.

Really loves, and especially when you are living in the Netherlands, go to their site and find out about their amazing collection! I hope I’ve made you just as enthusiastic as I am :).

Now tell me: Don’t you want this PB-bag?- and- Have you ever been on a Cruise ship?

xxx Charissa


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