♥ A few weeks back, I started using Pop Smile to get whiter teeth..
Did I get whiter teeth? Read my Pop Smile review and find out… ♥

Pop Smile Review

Hi lovelies, hope you’re having an amazing New Year so far !

Today is about one of my New Year’s Resolutions: getting whiter teeth! My teeth have actually always been pretty white, but especially on photo’s, it looks better when they are júst a bit whiter.

I’ve tried this new brand “Pop Smile”, which says to be “99% Natural and peroxide-free”. Because a whiter smile is what I aimed for, I definitely wanted to try this out! So here’s my Pop Smile review !!

Pop Smile Review - Teeth Whitening Kit (10)

So what’s included in the package you get?

I ordered the Ultimate teeth Whitening Kit. This includes:

❤️ 5 x 0.2 Accelerator Swabs
2 x Mouth Trays
❤️ 3x 3ml Whitening Gels
1x LED ActivatorPop Smile Review - Teeth Whitening Kit (10)
❤️ 1 Mouth Tray Case
1 Booster Pen
❤️ 1 Travel Pouch


(1) The mouth trays have two pieces (tabs) to the end, acting as “handles” for when you mould the trays.. Simply place the trays in hot water for 5 – 7 seconds, then press them gently against your teeth to mould them. Once you’re satisfied with the shape, leave to cool then cut off the tabs. Otherwise, feel free to repeat the steps to remould the trays.

(2) Use the Accelerator Swabs before your treatment, they’ll increase the effect of the peroxide-free formula. These swabs prepare the teeth for the whitening gel and ensure maximum results and minimal fading over time. To use it, you simply pull the two ends to each other. Then you rub it on to your teeth for 5 seconds.

Pop Smile Review - Teeth Whitening Kit (10)

(3) Attach the applicator tip to the syringes, fill each mouth tray with 0.5ml of treatment gel. It was a bit difficult to spread out for me, but I’ve used the end of a spoon to spread it out evenly.


(4) Fit the trays firmly against the front of teeth, removing excess gel from the gums. When you’re all ready and set, you push the “ON” button on the LED and you’ll have to wait 10 minutes for your perfect Pop Smile. After 10 minutes your LED will turn off. Remove the LED device and trays. Rinse mouth and trays with lukewarm water.

Was it painful? 

It wasn’t painful at all. I’ve heard scary stories from ladies who whitened their teeth at a salon and had só much pain..
This isn’t the case with Pop Smile. Since there are no harmful ingredients and most importantly, it is peroxide-free! Oh, and do something fun during those 10 minutes! Read a book, take some selfies, put on some music and dance!

What’s in the formula?

Naturally active ingredients like Organic Peppermint Oil, Cranberry Seed Oil, Aloe Vera and Chamomile Flower Extract.

Pop Smile Review - Teeth Whitening Kit (10)


Pop Smile Review - Teeth Whitening Kit (10)


Tell me! Does it work?

Okay so the most important question: does it work? It does work. My teeth definitely have lighten up and they do look whiter than before. My teeth have become whiter, but not super drastically different. Since my teeth weren’t “yellow” to start with. (But I feel good, and fresh now. Love the way they look!)

Would you recommend it?

I would recommend it if you’re looking for more clean-looking and white teeth. It doesn’t take very long (10 minutes a day, that’s nothing) and you do get good results. To keep your teeth white?

I have some tips for you!

♥ A main tip for the teeth whitening to work its magic, is to brush your teeth before each treatment.
♥ Use twice daily for 9 consecutive uses.
♥ Avoid drinks such as red wine, coffee and tea before and after application (minimum 1hour).
♥ For best results, avoid staining food and drink for the duration of the treatment (coffee, tea, wine, any food and drink loaded with sugar).
♥ Before you go to a party: simply use the booster pen for touch-ups and you’re good to go!

Pop Smile Review - Teeth Whitening Kit (10)

This was my Pop Smile Review, if you have any questions : do let me know!
Have you ever whitened your teeth?
XO Charissa

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