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Public relations and brand strategy agency for luxury, fashion and lifestyle brand

Wij zijn een agency dat verbindt, ja je leest het goed. Om relevante doelgroepen te bereiken, brengen we waardevolle connecties tot stand. Connecties tussen merken, ondernemers, celebrities, bloggers, YouTubers, social influencers en andere talenten. Uit ervaring weten we dat er mooie dingen kunnen ontstaan als we de juiste media, mensen en merken zorgvuldig met elkaar verbinden.


Goldapple PR is all about combining the power of Press Release with the Internet; where words, images and instant communication push your fashion message out there.


With years of experience with a variety of the most desirable brands, we have vast PR expertise in today’s dynamic environment. We are proud of our broad and diverse network of journalists, stylists, bloggers, influencers and captains of the industry.

Goldapple PR Agency is a Amsterdam based fashion and lifestyle public relations and Brand strategy agency.

For writing a Blog Post there are multiple things involved:
Brainstorming, research, preparation, taking photographs, editing, buying needed materials.
Then of course, writing the article and sharing through multiple social media channels.

Sponsored posts are different from a sidebar advertisement/banner. Sponsored posts, are posts, which carefully and thoughtfully have been created to showcase your brand directly. Our content strategy is often focused on building brand awareness.

“In brief, our plan is frankly, and openly, on behalf of business concerns and public institutions, to supply the press and public prompt and accurate information concerning subjects which is of value and interest to the public.”

Together we set up a meeting to achieve a successful campaign. Our goal is to provide you with the best strategy in growing your brand awareness to the audience.



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With more than 50 influencers in our system we can PROVIDE YOU WITH LOTS OF EXPOSURE:


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