♥ How can I be more powerful? How can I say what I mean? These are the questions that sometimes keeps us busy. How? With our body language. ♥

Body Language !

Scientists still don’t agree about this. Many of them say that 93% of our messages consist of our body language. Some will say it’s ‘only’ 63%. My conclusion; Body language is very important to get your message across.

A little story to make you see:

There is this colleague who seems always so dominant in meetings . Not only does he have the highest word but he also claims the largess space. Literally.
He is sitting wide and relaxed in his chair. And you? Your just aggravated. You’re making yourself small and look to your laptop or paperwork in front of you, so you don’t have to aggravate yourself to much.

The result is you didn’t get to say what was on your mind and it was not satisfactorily.

How can you make this situation better!

How to make it work better next time?

Make eye contact. 

One of the easiest ways of body language is by making eye contact. Will you make an audience of your listeners, than make eye contact without staring of course. This way you’ll connect and your message will come across much better.

Facial expression.

This one is a bit tricky cause you don’t always know how your face looks like. You don’t have a mirror of course, but try to be concious about your facial expressions. If you smile this will be heard in your voice and the other person will pick up on your positive vibes. Keep in mind that your message corresponds with your body language.

Body Language.

With your attitude you make your connection with others. This way you attract the other and you will come across self confident and clear.  Go and sit striate up, lain a bit forward. Important interactions take often place while sitting on a chair. Practice this right now …. and don’t you feel more sharp and stronger immediately?

Sign Language.

Sign language is the things you do with your hands while speaking. Some examples: When you put your hand palms up that gives the audience an open and honest impression. Your hand palms down will come across as closed. And how do you give a handshake? Is it equivalent which is very nice for both parties? or too firm or too weak?   (Firm is dominant and weak is submissive. )

Maybe there is already happened something in your head or your body.

Be more aware of your body language, your spoken message will come across more powerful.

XO Charissa.


Powerful with Body Language Powerful with Body Language Powerful with Body Language
Powerful with Body Language

I mean, how cute is this turtle?

Powerful with Body Language
Powerful with Body Language

One of my favorite pairs of heeled sandals! From Dolcis

Powerful with Body Language
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