♥ I spotted a new trend: The Pumpkin Spice hair color

Hi Loves!
What do you think of my Pumpkin Spice hair? Super different right? Well, I’ll tell you right away:
I’m still a blonde! I was wondering how I would look like with red hair, well.. like this! Though it’s not exactly Pumpkin Spice colored, you still get the idea of me as a redhead.

Then I scrolled down the internet and I spotted a new trend:
Pumpkin Spice Hair

Pumpkin Spice Hair | Lady Goldapple

Pumpkin Spice hair is a colour with deep, rich copper and red hues

I honestly do like this trend, it’s totally matchy matchy with Autumn and Winter!
(though I’m going to keep my blonde hair haha)
Some other cool hairstyles you can show to your hairdresser:

Pumpkin Spice Hair
If red hair is nothing for you, it’s maybe fun to try out with… Haloween!
You could buy a wig or hair-paint (the one that you can wash off the next day).

Now tell me: what do you think of this trend?