Quemondo Swedish Design

I have to admit that I wasn’t really into hoodies before. It’s just the image of a relax-outfit or sportive outfit, thatpops into your head when you hear the word “hoodie”. But that image has completely changed when I got this black and white fashion hoodie from Quemondo . It’s also available in black and red.

A little while ago I’ve shown you how to wear a Nike Sweater a different way.  The quality of the Quemondo hoodie is great and I think it looks really chic actually. You see me wearing it at Schiphol Airport, combined with my Maison Laponte dress. I always like to wear something comfy (yet fashionable) when I travel. Sometimes it can even be a bit cold in the airplane…

Quemondo Swedish Design

 Are hoodies for sportive wear only? Don’t think so!

Quemondo sells super fashionable hoodies, that are not only for sporting but also wearable as a chic pullover (over your dress, shirt, blouse, you name it). They started by manufacturing their staple product, hoodies only! Quemondo believes in fewer but BETTER things. Their aim is to develop products that are aesthetically designed in Sweden, yet practical and built ground upwards with a focus on quality and durability. And… Shirts, trousers and shoes are soon to follow.

Quemondo Swedish Design

Quemondo ships to most of Europe and North America (U.S.A. and Canada)

and will soon start shipping to the rest of the world. The business model is based on people who make the product and the one who wears it. By selling online only, they eliminate the part of the chain which makes the product unnecessarily expensive. All their resources are invested into making the best product in its class. They succeed 😉


What’s your opinion about hoodies?

xxx Charissa